AfterBuzz TV Imagines Smart Guy’s TJ Henderson As A Teacher In Quarantine

AfterBuzz TV Imagines TJ Henderson, played by Tahj Mowry, teaching classes in Quarantine 

Trina Dong

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Posted On: April 30th, 2020 1:51 pm pst

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ABTV Imagines: Smart Guy’s Tj Henderson As A Teacher In Quarantine

Quarantine has brought out the best in many of us.  It has also brought out the best in our imaginations, AfterBuzz notwithstanding. On that note, our ‘AfterBuzz TV’s Imagine _________ in Quarantine’ series has us “IMAGINE” how our favorite fictional characters would fare in Quarantine.  This week we imagine how TJ Henderson from Smart Guy would survive in quarantine.

Smart Guy is an understatement. TJ Henderson is our favorite TV child prodigy from the 90s. Going from fourth grade straight to being the smartest kid in high school, he was versatile at a young age. He’s the perfect guy to have around for your homeschooling needs for the whole family. He, of course, could teach us molecular biology in his sleep, but there are a lot of other subjects he’s well-versed in. 

Performing Arts

TJ has a long list of credits including commercial acting, theater, game show contestant and dancing in Destiny’s Child’s No, No, No, Pt. 1 music video. He would keep your creative juices flowing with different style art classes every day. He’ll alternate between basic cardio choreography, public speaking and scene study. By the end of quarantine, you’ll be ready for the limelight. 

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The beverage scene in the school cafeteria was a monopoly until TJ got in the game. He experienced entrepreneurial highs and lows when he started his own soda business. He knows how to help you create marketing and sales plans for your latest quarantine venture. He’s already gone through the hardships that Colonel Bubble caused him, so he knows how to avoid potential failure. What more could you ask for?

Romantic Literature

In the current climate, texting and DMs are becoming so tired. As an experienced ghostwriter of love letters, TJ will be able to help your love life by teaching you how to express yourself through poetry. By the time he’s done sharing his expertise, you’ll be writing sonnets without even having to google how many syllables are in each line. 

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We’re all in a constant state of unknowns for the future in quarantine. We could use a little bit of financial advising to feel stable. TJ is no stranger to helping adults with their finances, even though he’s never had any of his own. He’ll be able to set you up and give you peace of mind through retirement. 

We need TJ in our lives! He would give us some much needed discipline in our wonky routines. We could use a break from our screens to learn a new thing or two. Not to mention, he could possibly introduce us to Beyoncé. Now that’s the quarantine dream. 

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