AfterBuzz TV Holds Host Summit Featuring World-Renowned Speakers

Written by: Michael Clouse – November 18th, 2019 3:54pm PT

AfterBuzz TV more than fulfilled their core mission over the weekend, bringing in some of the most inspiring minds from around the world to educate and uplift their hosts.

Over 130 hosts attended the 2019 AfterBuzz TV Summit, which was held at the network’s studios in North Hollywood, California, for a day of learning and growth. The event is an annual gathering that combines speakers and personalized training in several areas that hosts need to excel in the entertainment industry.

“This is one of the biggest days of the year for us, not only because of the quantity of education we provide, but because of the impact the day has on our hosts,” said AfterBuzz TV cofounder Keven Undergaro.

Trevor Moawad

World-renowned mental coach Trevor Moawad kicked things off at the summit, teaching how to continue to thrive when you’re feeling the pressure build. Moawad is most known as mental trainer for Russell Wilson, Nick Saban, the University of Georgia football program, and several other top-notch athletes. That same level of drive echoed through the halls of AfterBuzz’s six studios.

“Outside influence isn’t more powerful than your own influence,” coached Moawad. “Define yourself by who you know you are, who you will become.”

Jim Kwik

Following Moawad was Jim Kwik, who has worked with Will Smith, Nike, and Space X. Kwik used his 25 years of experience to help attendees unleash their super brains in speed-reading, memory improvement, and optimal brain performance.

“People do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care,” taught Kwik.

Jeffrey Masters

Finally, Jeffrey Masters, the host of LGBTQ&A for The Advocate and an AfterBuzz TV alumnus, provided extremely necessary education on LGBTQ issues and proper communication.

However, the day didn’t end with the speakers. Hosts were then invited to partake in personalized training in areas of red carpet hosting, building a proper reel, career coaching with Undergaro, and even one-on-one teleprompter training with celebrity host and AfterBuzz TV cofounder Maria Menounos.

Founded in 2009 by Menounos and her husband, Undergaro, AfterBuzz has grown to become one of the largest digital broadcast networks in the entire world. The company and their 300+ active hosts, produces up to 150 hours of content each week through videos and podcasts.

AfterBuzz, under the guidance of Menounos and Undergaro, prides itself on building a new Hollywood model with a unique two part mission: 1. To produce quality content. 2. to operate a haven that supports, nurtures, and promotes entertainment stars. There two parts are not mutually exclusive.

“Each of the speakers we had in for this summit usually charges five to six figures for their time, so we are so incredibly grateful they volunteered to help have such a crucial impact on the lives of our hosts,” said Menounos. “The value we provide in this one day is something most hosts and talent never have access to.”

AfterBuzz TV host alum success stories are in the hundreds and include the likes of Karamo Brown (QUEER EYE), Sonya Deville, (Total Divas), Cathy Kelley (WWE), Candace Rice (FLORIBAMA SHORE) and Morgan Willett (BIG BROTHER), just to name a few.

With days like the 2019 AfterBuzz Summit, the number of success stories is sure to grow as AfterBuzz continues to raise up more successful hosts than anywhere else.

For more information on AfterBuzz TV and their mission, visit their homepage.

About The Author:

Michael Clouse is the editor-in-chief for AfterBuzz TV, as well as the host of Popcorn Talk Network’s I Could Never Be. He has almost a decade of television experience, starting as a local news television reporter and anchor before transitioning to hosting.

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