Kiana Ledé of MTV’s Scream & Soulfood Sessions Signs To Republic Records, Leaves Covers Behind on ‘Kiki’s Soulful Songs of Love & Isolation

Written by: Ebone Chatman – April 17th, 2020 9:54pm pst


In these trying times, we tend to turn to the shows and the movies and the music that we’ve always loved to comfort us, but we mustn’t forget that there is new art and entertainment getting born and released amidst the chaos, made by outrageously talented people who have been honing their craft for years, some of whom have had the bad luck to premiere their work in the middle of a global pandemic.  But every crisis contains opportunities, and we need all the beauty we can get. AfterBuzz Quarantine Debut shines a spotlight on new voices that will join the old favorites on our playlist, to sing us through these troubles and inspire us to survive and thrive.

Kiana Ledé Brown is a 23 year old Arizona native who has a soulful voice that pops with simple melodies or can take you to a club and land you right in the middle of a love ballad. Lede can tell a love story like no other.  She really hits home with her hit singles like “Ex”, “Wicked Games”, and “Fairplay”, where she talks about love in a way that is very relatable to growing relationships, more like a coming of age love story. 

Her adoration for ’90s and early 2000s music came through on her records “Mad at You” and “Labels”, with her choosing to sample from classic songs by classic artists, like Outkast’s “So Fresh, So Clean” and Biggie’s “Juicy.” 

Ledé’s career began on the Kidz Bop platform in 2011,when her mother uploaded a video of Kiana performing to Adele’s “Someone Like You”.  Kiana won a recording contract with RCA Records and that’s when the world got introduced to the one and only Kiana Ledé. In 2016 Ledé was cast as a series regular in MTV’s Scream season 2 as Zoe Vaughn. 

With Ledé’s growing career, the popular YouTube series Soulfood Sessions is what really put her on the map, after she departed from RCA Records in 2014. 

In an interview with Billboard, Ledé says she became popular by putting her own twist on other artist’s songs, songs that everyone already has an attachment to. 

“The gift of covering songs is that it plays on peoples’ nostalgia, it gives people something recognizable, so you’re easily introduced.. 

 “…The curse is very obvious — it’s not your original music. People can sometimes get attached to you singing the old things. I think that’s what’s important about being super-original. That’s the only way I was able to break out of the cover world.”

Ledé is now signed to Republic records.  She released her debut EP Myself with a total of 6 songs in July 2018. The EP includes her breakout song “Ex” which became her first top 10 hit on the US R&B songs chart.  

Ledé gave her fans a preview of her debut album Kiki before she released it on her instagram, giving us an inside look and feel for what the project was going to be about. 

On April 3, 2020 Lede released her debut album titled Kiki. A month before releasing her album, Lede treated fans to a rare return to Soulfood Sessions, where she redid a pair of Mustard and Roddy Ricch collabs, “Ballin'” and “High Fashion.” 

There is so much more coming from this artist who wears her heart on her sleeve and is always ready to pour her heart out in her music.

Here are my top 10 songs from this artist. 

  1. Ex  –Myself 
  2. Wicked Games –Selfless 
  3. One of Them Days- One of Them Days single  
  4. Heavy –Myself 
  5. Chocolate –Kiki
  6. Can I – Myself 
  7. Second Changes –Kiki
  8. Plenty More –Kiki
  9. Cancelled –Kiki
  10. Attention –Kiki

For the full list check out the playlist on spotify or Apple Music 


More from the artist: 

Check out her interview on Genius

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