Nikki Bella Does The Savage Challenge On TikTok W/ Fiance and Dancing With The Stars Alum Artem & Brie Bella Cooks Up Vegetarian Recipes That Daughter Birdie Loves

Written by: Bryant Santos – April 20th, 2020 11:53pm pst

If you’re reading this article, you probably love The Bella Twins as much as I do. Whether they’re making us cry on this emotional season of Total Bellas or making us laugh during Bella Brains on The Bellas Podcast, there’s so much to love about these two incredibly inspiring entertainment moguls. But now that Nikki has joined the world of TikTok and Chef Brie has been hard at work in the kitchen, there’s EVEN MORE to love about our favorite twins.

The Bellas have been heavily documenting their pregnancy journey on all of their social platforms as well as on their weekly podcast, and it has been so great to see and hear them share their pregnancy stories with the Bella Army.

Also, whether it’s Chef Brie cooking up some delicious vegetarian meals on YouTube, or Dancing With The Stars Alum Nikki and her sexy Russian fiancé Artem hitting the whoa with their TikTok dances, we’re seeing more of The Bella Twins and their pregnant bellies than ever, and I absolutely love it.

On their YouTube channel, the Bellas posted a fun video of a baby food taste test challenge where Brie blindfolds Nikki and with the help of our adorable Bella Baby Birdie, Brie has Nikki guess the flavor of different baby foods. This video was absolutely fun and hilarious and it’s so fun to see how The Bellas are passing the time and continuing to have fun during quarantine. Chef Brie is also hard at work in the kitchen, with a recipe for some homemade popsicles that Birdie absolutely loved!

Also, if you haven’t checked out Nikki’s TikTok, you’re TOTALLY missing out! Two of her most hilarious videos include her taking on the #SavageChallenge and the #FlipTheSwitchChallenge with her handsome fiancé and baby bump in tow.

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mom and dad flipping that switch 💋

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Speaking of baby bumps, the twins have also been showing how their apparel line Birdiebee is great for Fit Moms too! The twins modeled their latest camo drop and THEY LOOK STUNNING! Pregnancy glow is real everyone, and if you thought The Bellas couldn’t get any more beautiful, think again!

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Lots to smile about this morning! Saturday I mainly laid in bed, had no energy, was beyond exhausted, and definitely going through a lot of pregnancy stuff. Yesterday I felt a lot better but was down bc I was feeling my baby kick so much and then couldn’t the past two days. I read about and have heard from other moms about this, that it happens but you can’t help but let it get you down. Then this morning I woke up to so many kicks! Big kicks! Even Daddy got to feel them. 🥰 Definitely think our little one grew a lot this weekend! So we are all smiles this morning! And smiling too bc I have been loving the new @mybirdiebee drops 💚🖤 Happy I can still rock them! lol I’m in a large top and medium pants and I know Brie is in both mediums. At Birdiebee we were going to have a relaunch in the spring which has been put on hold of course. We are becoming more sustainable, more eco friendly, and truly trying to follow the r’s: reduce, reuse, recycle. Makes me so proud!! My sister has been at the forefront of changing this! It’s beautiful! More to come on it soon! And soon we will be announcing some amazing givebacks. Want to make our customers proud of Birdiebee, just like we are. Truly love all the people that work at Birdiebee, they are always striving to not only make the clothing better (in every where) but also wanting to do good along the way! Today at 12:10 PM to 12:45 PM EST we will be on a panel for talking about “Fashion Is Artists & the Entertainment/Lifestyle Industries Using their Voice for Social Impact” Please come join us! 🙏🏼 It’s free! Details in IG story! #birdiebee #fashinnovationnyc

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The Bellas are all about female empowerment and it’s incredible to see them show off their baby bumps in such an inspiring and positive way. Here’s Brizee showing off her belly at 26 weeks! I’m a man and even I wish I looked that good at 26 weeks pregnant!

If you want to see more of The Bella Twins, catch up on this emotional season of Total Bellas airing Thursdays at 9PM on E! 

Also, check out their shared Twitter account @BellaTwins, their YouTube Channel: The Bella Twins, and their Instagram accounts @thenikkibella and @thebriebella to see more of our favorite twins!

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