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John Krasinski’s Epic Potluck with Celebrity Chefs, Guy Fieri, Martha Stewart, David Chang, Stanley Tucci Cook up fan favorite recipes from Quarantini’s to Sloppy Joe’s and other reasons AfterBuzz Loves John Krasinski Weekly!

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Posted On: April 28th, 2020 9:13pm pst

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ABTV Loves John Krasinski Weekly

Get your spatula, special recipe and that apron of yours ready! We Love John Krasinski here at AfterBuzz TV! John continues to make Some Good News around the world come to life – this week with the joy of cooking! 

(Source: Some Good News)

John hosted another episode of Some Good News with some of the best celebrity chefs, Martha Stewart, David Chang, Guy Fieri dishing up some potluck dishes, cooking that perfect Quarantini with Stanley Tucci, and making our families lives better with the smell and taste of that perfect meal. 

(Source: Some Good News)

On this week’s episode, John focused on the moments we miss, including our favorite restaurants and highlighting the men and women in the restaurant industry who are trying to make a difference in the community around them. A few of these amazing individuals include; celebrity chef José Andrés World Central Kitchen is serving up over 3 million meals, Guy Fieri set up a COVID-19 relief fund for workers in the restaurant business and for restaurant employees. Now, it’s time our time, the public, to take care of them. 

(Source: Some Good News)

Even the National Guard stepped up and has been busy in Washington state working for over 300 food banks across the state so families won’t go hungry in this crisis. In smaller communities, Edouardo Jordan, a restaurant owner, and his 6 year old son Akil distributed free meals to his restaurant staff and others out of work. No matter the gesture large or small there are people making a difference around the world including; creating a 24-hour food pantry in their front yard and an NYC landlord gave free rent to a pizzaria who’s feeding frontline workers. 

(Source: Some Good News)

Good news is all around us including families having a fun spa day, running the makeshift Boston marathon in their neighborhood, a young girl fighting cancer, and I couldn’t stop crying with joy when a caregiver gave her patient a pillow with his wife’s face on it. It was too sweet to handle! 

(Source: Some Good News)

Positivity can be found positively everywhere as well as delicious food! The good news is endless if you have John Krasinski giving you the scoop! 

Fans shared online to SGN their favorite family recipes and John had some of them on as special guests including Nana and her Quarantini. The biggest moment of the episode was when David Chang, Martha Stewart, Guy Fieri and Stanley Tucci showed up to craft the perfect Sloppy Joe’s, Pierogi’s, Ravioli and you can’t forget Nana’s Quarantini. These dishes looked delectable. I wanted to gobble them up or in the case of that Quarantini – sip it up! 

(Source: Some Good News)

At the end of the episode, John surprised Guy Fieri with Pepsi Co’s donation of $3 million dollars to his fund to help restaurant workers. We all got newsworthy goodnews goosebumps watching that! 

(Source: Some Good News)

(Source: Some Good News)

We will continue to watch how John will bring smiles to our faces and give back to the community. It was just announced today that SGN will be hosting a special graduation ceremony and are looking for valedictorians, we can’t wait to cheer on the Class of 2020! 

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