AfterBuzz Imagines Jaleel White’s Most Memorable Family Matters Characters, Steve Urkel, Stefan Urquelle And Myrtle Urkel, In Quarantine

Written by: Trina Dong – April 24th, 2020 7:44pm pst


Quarantine has brought out the best in many of us.  It has also brought out the best in our imaginations, AfterBuzz notwithstanding. On that note, our ‘AfterBuzz TV’s Imagine _________ in Quarantine’ series has us “IMAGINE” how our favorite fictional characters would fare in Quarantine.  This week we imagine how Family Matters would survive in quarantine.

I know I’m not the only one that can credit Jaleel White’s performances in Family Matters as one of the reasons why they wanted to be an entertainer. There is nothing like his comedic timing, physicality and masterful execution of every scene. 

Not only did Jaleel play the household name, Steve Urkel, but he took on multiple eccentric characters throughout the series run. Here’s a look at a few of my favorites and a take on how they would be doing in quarantine. 

Steve Urkel
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As an accident prone, hopelessly romantic scientist, Urkel has a lot going on in quarantine. He has ample time to perfect his newest inventions, but all of the free time makes for a complicated love life. Since he’s stuck in the house with his girlfriend, Myra, and the love of his life that doesn’t love him back, Laura, he’s stuck in the middle. Lucky for him, chances are he’ll accidentally destroy something important to Laura and he’ll be shunned from her presence, so the decision will be made for him to just focus on Myra. 

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Myrtle Urkel

As fate would have it, Myrtle happened to be visiting just as quarantine began. She’s a very aggressive southern belle that never keeps anything to herself. She’s sure to say something to offend you at least once a day. Myrtle is certainly not playing hard to get with Eddie and has chosen to throw herself at him every chance she gets. Unfortunately for Eddie, chances aren’t hard to come by in isolation with nowhere to run. 

Stefan Urquelle
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No doubt that Stefan is keeping his cool throughout the hysteria. He’s got all he needs with health, wealth and Laura. He wakes up every day and gets fully ready while the rest of the house is in sweats all day. In his smooth attire, Stefan makes his rounds trying to add calm to everyone’s self-induced storms. He effortlessly spreads positivity and they follow suit. Well, until the next major meltdown, then he’ll just soothe their souls all over again. 

A house filled with Urkels in quarantine seems a bit too chaotic for me. However, I would take being quarantined with Jaleel White himself to be able to ask him a million questions about all of these brilliant characters. When all becomes right in the world again, maybe they’ll give us a Family Matters reboot as the icing on the cake. Here’s hoping!

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