ABTV Previews Netflix Original Series Sweet Magnolias with Showrunners: Margaritas For Everyone!

Sweet Magnolias Showrunner Sheryl Anderson & Director Norman Buckley share insight into the cast and characters, including JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Heather Headley, Brooke Elliott, & the community they built both on and off screen.

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Posted On: May 17th, 2020 2:00pm pst

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ABTV Loves Sweet Magnolias

Grab a margarita and your best friends and get ready for Netflix’s heartwarming new show Sweet Magnolias. AfterBuzz TV has the pleasure of being THE destination for the OFFICIAL Sweet Magnolias After Show, where we’re bringing you an in-depth look into the characters, the storylines, and all things happening in Serenity, from the insightful perspective of the cast and crew.

As we anxiously await the release of this feel-good series, we had the honor of sitting down with Executive Producer Sheryl Anderson and Director Norman Buckley, who offered their legendary expertise in show biz and shared their favorite parts of bringing this project to life.

Sweet Magnolias centers around three female besties in the small fictional town of Serenity, who are dealing with the ups-and-downs of life including everything from heartbreak and divorce to entrepreneurship and the power of women coming together. Showrunner Sheryl Anderson shared her thoughts on our three female leads when she discussed how Maddie (JoAnna Garcia Swisher), Helen (Heather Headley), and Dana Sue (Brooke Elliott) were an absolute match made in heaven.

“The constant in the shows that I work on is community, and people coming together to do their best to try to do the right thing and certainly always to hold each other up, and move forward together. And the three women at the center of Sweet Magnolias embody that beautifully.”

In addition to Maddie, Helen, and Dana Sue being the perfect characters to build off of in this series, Sheryl also shared that JoAnna, Heather, and Brooke, who portray those characters, could not be more of a perfect match as well.

“I remember the first scene with our three ladies, turning to Norman and being speechless.”

Another perfect match for Sheryl and Norman on this project was how attached they were to the material, which is based on the book series of the same name by author Sherryl Woods. Sheryl and Norman both shared the sentiments that they wanted to pay absolute homage to the books and tell the story that Ms. Woods wanted to tell, while adding in elements that will make viewers fall even more in love with this tale.

One aspect of the novels that Sheryl was hard and fast about keeping in this series was the concept of margarita nights and how these get-togethers allow viewers to get a fuller picture of the lives of our female leads.

“Our three ladies get together to have margaritas and to hash out their weeks, the high points, the low points, they talk about what’s going on with the kids, and the men in their lives, and business, and the men in their lives, and the other people in the community, and the men in their lives. So, I don’t think this is giving too much away but there’s a margarita night in every episode.”

Sheryl elaborated on how the tone of margarita night changes with each episode depending on what is going on in the lives of our leading ladies and Sheryl and Norman both concurred that they would love for the audience to be the fourth person at margarita night.

Sheryl and Norman were so honored to give life to this series and with Norman’s experience on iconic teen dramas like Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, Norman was so excited to come on to this project that he believes is truly multi-generational and relatable to so many people.

“There’s so much to relate and it’s a show that my 94 year old mother is waiting for, she’s just counting the days. It’s a show that will really resonate with people who are that age. It’s a show that will resonate with people who are my age. It’s a show that will resonate with my teen audience that follows me from show to show.”

Something else that resonated with Norman on this project was the idea of inclusion and how Serenity is a town that everyone can see themselves in.

“Sheryl said something that was very meaningful to me early on in that she wanted everyone to feel like they saw themselves in Serenity. She wanted to feel that the community was varied and that everyone could imagine living in that town…I think that’s been one of the most meaningful things about the whole experience for me, is that it celebrates that idea of inclusion.”

In addition to making viewers want to feel at home in Serenity and feel as part of the community, Norman also discussed how his time on set with the incredible cast and crew made him feel part of his own little community.

Communities like Serenity often share similar values and points-of-view and Norman discussed how he would love for fans of the show to take away this idea of shared values.

“This show is about finding values, whether it’s at the teen level, or the adult level, or the generation above that. It’s about what is the value of my life and what is the value of what we’re doing here. I really hope on social media that the conversation becomes about values.”

We absolutely valued their time and insight and Sheryl and Norman left us with their final thoughts on this project and how excited they are for fans to see it. Sheryl hopes that everyone can truly see themselves as part of Serenity and Norman wishes that fans will be moved enough to embrace the story in a way that can expand and enlarge their own life.

With all this in mind, it’s safe to say that you won’t want to miss the incredible new Netflix Original series Sweet Magnolias, and you won’t want to miss the official AfterShow on AfterBuzz TV, where we’ll be bringing you interviews with cast and crew and sharing all the love we have for the incredible town and folks of Serenity.

If you want to catch up with Sheryl and Norman, be sure to follow them on all social platforms @sheryljanderson and @norbuck. Be sure you’re subscribed to AfterBuzz TV on YouTube so you don’t miss a second of our Sweet Magnolias coverage, and you can also find Sheryl and Norman’s full interview for our Sweet Magnolias Pre-Show here.

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