ABTV Celebrates Gilmore Girl Moms

ABTV Celebrates Lorelai Gilmore and the Moms of Gilmore Girls for Mother’s Day 

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Posted On: May 9th, 2020 8:32 pm pst

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One of the most popular television shows about mother-daughter relationships is the witty and fast-paced favorite of Stars Hollow, Gilmore Girls. A show that catapulted the careers of television and film stars like Melissa McCarthy, Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Milo Ventimiglia, Jared Padalecki, and Liza Weil, this was a series around strong female characters in a small town, living life, and pursuing their dreams. 

The iconic mother-daughter duo, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore are a scene study in itself as they have an undeniable friendship, have coffee-spiked conversations, junk-food binges that go above and beyond the role of a mom and daughter. 

Single mom Lorelai raised Rory at the age of 16 and had a tumultuous relationship with her own parents. Through it all, the power of friendship, love and the joy of being a mom makes this show still memorable today. 

Source: IMDB

I have to give a special shout-out to the many moms in the series including matriarch, Emily Gilmore. Through the rollercoaster of emotions, her cold demeanor at times, the constant bickering and her harsh criticisms of her own daughter, and their weekly Friday night dinners, Emily in the end really loves her daughter and granddaughter. Throughout the series, Emily eventually opened up emotionally to her daughter and buried some of the past to help make their relationship stronger. Through it all, Emily supports Lorelai’s passion as an inn owner and Rory’s career as a journalist.

A shout-out to Sookie St. James (with three kiddos), who is one of the best chef’s around.  She has a quirky parenting style. She is loud, hilarious and always helpful to Lorelai with  Rory’s constant birthday parties. A staple and best friend to Lorelai, Sookie was always involved in their Stars Hollow outings, helping shape Rory’s appetite and acting as a mother figure to her as well. 

Source: IMDB

Rory and Lane, the hip rock-star drummer, have been attached at the hip since they were little. Lane’s character has grown throughout the series, including having her own journey as a mom and a rocky relationship with her own strict and overbearing mother, Mrs. Kim. This is another highlight of the series that everyone can relate too. 

There are so many Gilmore-mom-filled moments, if you want to watch Gilmore Girls again, here’s some of the most sweet and meaningful episodes all about motherhood: 

  1. Rory’s Birthday Parties – Season 1, Episode 6 

You only turn 16 once and Rory must have two birthday parties! One thrown by her grandparents, a lavish affair and one by her mom which is a wild affair that fits her personality. Shows how close Lorelai is to Rory and how well she knows her. Lorelai Gilmore always throws the best parties and this is one of them. 

Source: IMDB

  1. Rory’s Dance – Season 1, Episode 9 

One of the earlier episodes of the series that helps establish the relationship between Lorelai and Rory. Also, solidifies the heavy baggage-ridden relationship that is Lorelai and Emily. Dean, Rory’s first boyfriend accompanies her to a Chilton formal dance and the evening goes longer than expected. The episode showcases the fear and protectiveness that motherhood brings. 

Source: IMDB

  1. Like Mother, Like Daughter – Season 2, Episode 7 

As Rory is adjusting to her life at Chilton, Lorelai tries to help Rory socialize at her new school by planning the Chilton fashion show at the Inn and ends up strutting down the runway with her mom, Emily! It’s a classic Gilmore mom moment where you do what’s best for family even when you might not want to. 

Source: IMDB

  1. The Road Trip to Harvard – Season 2, Episode 4 

After calling off her wedding, Lorelai and Rory head to Harvard on a road trip to chase Rory’s dreams of attending the Ivy League school. This episode is a balance between Rory comforting her own mom during a difficult time and Lorelai supporting her daughter’s dreams. A perfect mother-daughter episode about supporting their kids crazy dreams no matter what! 

Source: IMDB

  1. Lorelai’s Graduation Day – Season 2, Episode 21 

Lorelai celebrates her graduation from business school, showing that it’s never too late to follow your passion. Rory is super supportive and throws her mom a graduation party even though she missed the graduation ceremony. This is a special multi-generational episode where Emily and Richard show that they are supportive and proud of Lorelai even though they had a difficult past.

Source: IMDB

  1. Those Are Strings, Pinnochio – Season 2, Episode 22 

Rory graduates from Chilton with all of the pomp and circumstance but delivers one of the most meaningful and sentimental valedictorian speeches that honors Lorelai. The sacrifice and work Lorelai put in as a Mom to help Rory become the woman she is today is beautiful.  

Source: IMDB

  1. Dear Emily and Richard – Season 3, Episode 13 

One of the most meaningful episodes of the series, flashbacks give a glimpse into Lorelai Gilmore as a 16-year old and how her family dealt with her pregnancy at a young age. It’s heartbreaking and shows the hard decision she had to make and where the difficult relationship with her parents stemmed from. 

Source: IMDB

  1. The Lorelais’ First Day at Yale – Season 4, Episode 2 

A day that is a dream for many parents when their kid can spread their wings and head to college. This emotional episode for both Lorelai and Rory shows how you go through the ends of the earth to help your kid. Anyone that’s moved away from home and misses their parents, this is an episode to watch.

Source: IMDB

  1. The Prodigal Daughter Returns – Season 6, Episode 9  

After a few months of estrangement over a huge life choice, Lorelai and Rory finally make up and it’s a beautiful moment that makes me cry everytime. Lorelai struggles with Emily making the situation worse…but the main takeaway from this episode is no matter how long you are apart, your mom is your mom. 

Source: IMDB

  1. Gilmore Girls Only – Season 7, Episode 17

A perfect yet complicated episode with all three Gilmore women taking a road trip to visit Mia, the woman that took care of Lorelai when she ran away from home while trying to raise a newborn Rory. With tension evident between Emily and Lorelai from these difficult memories, it’s also an episode where Rory is waiting for news on Lane’s twins. This is all about being a mom, struggling about regrets, moving past them, and making the best of a road trip. You might even shed a joyful tear. 

Soure: IMDB

These are just a few episodes to get your Gilmore Girls fix, there are 7 seasons to indulge in! Get your Al’s Pancake World order in, your Luke’s diner coffee brewing, burger, fries, Pop-tarts and oreos ready, because we are celebrating these tv mom’s all weekend. 

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