ABC and Chris Harrison Describe ‘Listen To Your Heart’ as ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ With Guitars, with American Idol Trevor Holmes But No Sign of Jed Wyatt

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It was such good news when ABC announced an interesting new lineup of shows coming to the Bachelor world this year — fans were told to expect a new season of Bachelor Summer Games, a spinoff for senior citizens only, and a music-themed version of the show called Listen To Your Heart.

As you guys know, The Bachelorette has been put on hold indefinitely due to the coronavirus and it’s highly likely some of those shows I mentioned won’t ever make it to air — but luckily,  Listen To Your Heart was filmed right before things shut down and it’s here to save our Monday night plans for the next six weeks.

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This new series follows 20 men and women as they embark on an incredible journey to find love through music, These people are brand new to the franchise which means there will be plenty of fresh drama and storylines to dig into. According to what Chris Harrison told Refinery29 recently, it sounds like we’re getting Bachelor in Paradise with guitars instead of American Idol with romance — although, Idol fans should keep an eye out! There’s a former contestant named Trevor Holmes appearing on this series.

But just so we’re all clear they’ll be absolutely no trace of Jed Wyatt! Harrison told the outlet:

“No offense to Jed, but these are legitimate musicians from all across the spectrum.” 

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Based on what we know so far, it sounds like producers are sticking to the same tried and true methods. This means each week there will be date cards, rose ceremonies, plenty of performances, of course, and someone will go home.  

The point is this is a great opportunity for us to really embrace these new faces because if all goes well, Chris Harrison says we could expect to see some of these new faces get sent to Mexico if and when Paradise ever returns.

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I don’t know about you guys but I’m definitely excited for this! All of Peter’s off season drama and those TikTok shenanigans with Tyler and Hannah were fun for a while but we’re ready for some real content! 

Chris Harrison also told Entertainment Tonight producers are considering squeezing another episode out of the already captured content just to satisfy viewers for a little longer until The Bachelorette is cleared to start filming. Of course, due to social distancing, if there’s any sort of reunion special, it’ll most likely be filmed on Zoom. He added:

“There’s definitely potential with that. We’re going to, first of all, wait and see. Hopefully, everybody loves this show and they want more of it. If there is this appetite and we think that there’s enough story there where there’s relationships or whatever it is where it garners a special, then, yeah, [we’ll do a reunion]”

We’ll find out just how good this show is when it premieres tonight at 8pm on ABC and be sure to catch our aftershow coverage on Tuesday nights at 5PM Pacific.

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