A New Home for ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’?

NBC has canceled Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, but pause the sad music because there might be hope yet. We’re listing some different platforms the show could get picked up by!

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Posted On: June 15th, 2021 11:23 am pst

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News of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist’s cancellation earlier this month saddened their dedicated fan base after talks of moving it to Peacock fell through. There may still be hope, though. Lionsgate said they are shopping the show around and there has been interest, but who should pick it up?

The show centers around Zoey Clarke, a coder, who begins to hear people’s inner thoughts as songs after being trapped in an MRI machine during an earthquake (and that’s just the first episode). Fans of love triangles and friends to lovers tropes will enjoy watching it all unfold. 

If you liked other musical dramedies like Glee or Smash, then this show could fill that hole. Although not nearly as over the top as Glee, this show still features characters covering today’s pop hits, as well as a few oldies, and has plenty of drama and heartfelt moments. The show is also a perfect match for fans of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Both shows blend romance with comedy and drama. Even if none of these shows were your cup of tea, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist can be. It can feel over the top at points, but it balances it well with more down-to-earth moments, making it the perfect escape from reality. 

The show is currently available to stream on Hulu so the service could easily be picked up without having to negotiate a new streaming contract with the network. 

When Netflix canceled One Day at a Time, fans rallied to get it picked up, and PopTV, a channel primarily housing pop culture-related programs, did just that. This channel seems like a  perfect fit for a show featuring some of the biggest pop hits. 

Netflix is no stranger to reviving canceled shows, so why not Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist? They’ve picked up Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Lucifer, and You

Another channel it could work on is Fox. After Fox ended Brooklyn 99, NBC picked up, so why couldn’t the reverse happen? Fox was the home network of Glee when it was on the air and this musical dramedy could fit in their current lineup, which includes musical game shows like The Masked Singer and Beat Shazam

Who do you want to see pick up the show? Let us know in the comments!

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