A Look Inside The Boy’s Bloody Delightful Pop-Up Event

Last weekend, the team behind Amazon Prime’s The Boys held a pop-up that let fans experience the supe-filled world for themselves. Here’s everything you need to know!

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Posted On: June 9th, 2021 9:37 pm pst

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With season 3 of The Boys set to drop sometime in the near future (there is no current date for release, but it is expected to be late 2021), the team at Amazon Prime Video put together a drive-in event to promote the upcoming season and give fans an opportunity to immerse themselves in the gore-filled world of Vought International. 

Although the event only ran from June 4 – June 6 and had limited reservations, we thought it would be fun to walk fans of the show through the event and what Vought International, as well as Billy Butcher’s infamous team, had in store for us.  

The theatrics and presentation were on full display inside the gates of Planet Vought (Photo Credit: Connor Rose)

As you enter the gates of Planet Vought, you are welcomed by employees and representatives of Vought International, giddy with excitement and unwavering cheer. From security to waiters, all the Vought employees brought a level of positivity that bordered on creepy, adding to the notion that Vought isn’t quite what it seems. Employees of the mega-corporation come up to your car, handing you a menu and asking questions, most notably “which superhero is your favorite?” For your own sake, it’s best if you say Homelander because the passionate Vought employees don’t take too kindly to any other answer besides the star-spangled superhero or his comrades in The Seven (I said my favorite was Black Noir and received an overly joyous “Yay!” in response). 

Planet Vought provided all guests with a copy of the delicious menu (Photo Credit: Connor Rose)

After ordering food and making your way past the televisions promoting Starlight’s new song (yes, an actual song that I had stuck in my head the entire ride home), you’re greeted by a video message from Homelander, leader of The Seven and the face of Vought International, welcoming you to Planet Vought and it’s many amusements. However, that video is interrupted by Billy Butcher, who takes down Homelander’s video and talks to the attendants, much to the shock and horror of the Planet Vought employees surrounding the cars. In addition to his little tangent, Billy Butcher decides to cause a violent explosion within Planet Vought, altering the pop-up from an event of excitement to one of destruction.

A wonderful photo opportunity for fans within the destroyed Planet Vought (Photo Credit: Connor Rose).

As Vought International employees guide you through the devastated landscape that was Planet Vought all while pretending that this was planned and no cause for alarm, you look around and see firsthand what Billy Butcher and his Boys are capable of: total mayhem for Vought International. Not only are the attractions now destroyed, but employees are part of the mayhem, covered in bandages and blood, still pretending that nothing is wrong and there is no cause for panic whatsoever. You get your picture taken, interact with some Vought representatives that promise everything is fine, and get led to the parking structure where they plan on serving you the delicious Planet Vought meal you ordered prior to the Billy Butcher fiasco. 

Each guest who ordered the Supe-Aid was provided with complementary Compound V by Vought employees. (Photo credit: Connor Rose)

An interesting aspect of the pop-up is the inclusion of Compound V, a drug found throughout The Boys known to give superheroes their powers. As you drive through the event, you can spot Vought employees taking the mysterious concoction and displaying great feats of strength, such as picking up cement and large rubble with little effort. In addition to seeing Compound V firsthand, you also get to bring some home if you order the Supe-aid, the Planet Vought employees slipping you a vial of the blue enhancement to mix into your drink as you eat your meal, all complementary of Planet Vought. 

As I ate my meal, I was able to bear witness to Billy Butcher’s destructive capabilities (Photo credit: Connor Rose).

After eating a delicious meal (I had The Big Homie Burger with a side of A-Train’s Fast’n Fresh Fries followed up by the Black Noir Brookie), I was led out by Vought Security to go about the rest of my day. Although the event was over, Planet Vought was kind enough to send me off with Vought themed merchandise, such as a very detailed issue of “Vought Weekly,” a Black Noir balloon headband (which I wore the entire time I wrote this article), and a vial of Compound V that I plan on displaying on my work desk. 

Homelander looks just as good on paper as he does on-screen (Photo Credit: Connor Rose).

Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys pop-up event was an insanely enjoyable experience that combined an immersive experience for fans of the show with a delicious meal. Attending the event only served to get me even more excited for Season 3, and I hope that the team behind the pop-up event plans on bringing Planet Vought to fans again in the near future. I certainly plan on attending if they do. 

Did you attend Planet Vought as well? Comment down below what you thought of the experience!

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