90 Day’s Loren Claps Back at Disrespectful Fans

Written by: Briana Phipps – February 26th 2020, 3:00pm pst

In the world of social media, we open ourselves up to love and adoration from friends, family, and strangers. We also open ourselves up to negativity as well, though. Reality stars deal with this every day and their fans can often take things too far and say some pretty nasty things through the lens of their computer screens.

credit: Instagram/Loren Brovarnik

Tuesday morning 90 Day Fiance’s Loren Brovarnik took to her Instagram to poke a little fun at herself and engage her fans by posting a well-timed photo of herself from Pillow Talk, which she titled, “Please Caption This!”

credit: Instagram/Loren Brovarnik

Most of the comments were fun and playful but one fan took things too far!

“My face when I realized I mixed Tourettes genes with a jews”

The fan was targeting Loren, who had opened up on her season about her Tourettes Syndrom, and both she and her husband are Jewish. She handled it very well, however, clapping right back!

“Do you want some water? You’re thirsty AF! Actually that’s my face when I see what a horrible human being you are and you follow me, that’s my face when I know I’m a proud Jew and have Tourette syndrome and love who I am!”

credit: Instagram/ Loren Brovarnik

Even though social media is an open platform, people should never have to deal with hate from it, and remember that if you don’t like someone, you always have the option to unfollow.

We first met Loren and her husband Alexei on season 3 of 90 Day Fiance. The couple is still together and expecting their first, a boy, in April of this year.

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