90 Day Fiancé’s Rebecca Could Be in Jail Next Week

Written by: Christy Olson – December 9th, 2019 9:12pm PT

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90 Day Fiancé star Rebecca Parrott owes thousands of dollars and could be locked up in jail next week.

Zied’s fiancè could be spending the holiday season behind bars, if she doesn’t pay up on thousands she owes her ex-husband for back child support.

This is not Rebecca’s more recent Moroccan ex. It’s her children’s father, who first took her to court in 2014. (Rebecca failed to pay back over $5,000 she owes him, making no payments since July 2018.

Her ex filed another case earlier this year and Rebecca was MIA when a court hearing went down in Cobb County, Georgia a couple weeks ago. A judge ruled against her, because of the no-show, and tacked another $2,500 on to Rebecca’s tab, to cover her baby daddy’s court and attorney fees.

Rebecca must pay a minimum of $2,000 by Sunday, December 15th, then again in January, February, and March, until her debt is paid in full. A missed payment means Rebecca is in contempt of court and will be locked up by 8am the next day.

Of course fans are wondering why Rebecca was spending her dough on Zied when she could be headed for lockup.

She addressed the sticky situation in a social media post, seeming to take responsibility and assuring fans everything would be OK. But will Rebecca’s be the next 90 Day mugshot in that growing collection? We’ll know next Monday at 8am.

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