90 Day Fiancè’s Rebecca Backtracks After Threatening to Release Fans’ Nude Pics

Written by: Christy Olson – January 7th, 2020 7:33pm PT

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90 Day Fiancè: Before the 90 Days star Rebecca Parrott is laying down the law!

Rebecca lashed out on Instagram last week, about about fans’ sending nude pictures to her man. In the process she revealed what Rebecca called “cracks” in their relationship.

Rebecca began by explaining that both she and Zied get tons of “super inappropriate” pics delivered to their Insta inbox, but they handle it a little differently. She admitted her Tunisian love asked for her password first to check up on Rebecca’s correspondence. But men reaching out to her won’t get a response, she says.

However now that she’s policing Zied’s DMs, Rebecca cops to screenshotting any nude pics and sending them back to the women along with a sassy note. She went in hard on the audacious ladies hitting up Zied, then made an extreme threat!

“I’m gon’ start posting y’all’s freaking pictures and your Instagram profiles and the messages that you’re sending, if you don’t stop it.” But the Georgia native quickly backtracked, saying “I’m not going to do that, because then some people will just want the freaking exposure.”

It’s smart of Rebecca to recant the X-rated threat. Revenge porn is illegal and slut-shaming is so passè!

Rebecca wrapped up the video by insisting she and Zied are in a good, happy relationship, and aren’t looking to step out. So don’t waste your time, she declares.

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