90 Day Fiance’s Nicole Agrees W/ Fans That She’s A Bad Mom

90 Day Fiance’s Nicole says she’s a bad mom amidst being stuck in Morocco due to travel ban. 

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Posted On: August 5th, 2020 2:20 pm pst

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Nicole has been accused of being a bad mother to her daughter May a few times since she first appeared on 90 Day Fiance, but is she now agreeing with them? 

Back in March, Nicole made a trip to Morocco to see her long term boyfriend Azan. While there is a travel ban that was put in place due to Covid-19 and Nicole has not been able to return to the United States, leaving her daughter to be taken care of by her parents. 

During that time a lot of rumors arose about Azan and Nicole and questions arose if the two were even together. 

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I never want to leave your side my love♥️

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It is believed that Azan has another wife and kids in Morocco and that Nicole went there to blackmail him to be with her but he ended up leaving her to be with his family. If that is true then Nicole has been alone in Morocco for about 4 months. She still has never responded to any of the accusations, but did go radio silent on social media for 2 months. 

When she finally did post it was a throwback picture of her drinking coffee at a cafe. The picture got many responses asking her about what really was going on with her and Azan, and wanting an update on May. 

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May is a mood😅♥️🥰😍

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Since then she has littered her Instagram with photos of May, but still fans are not happy. The comments on each post are littered with people inquiring why she chose to leave May in the first place when the pandemic was already known to be in America, and others bashing the reality star for continuously choosing her boyfriend over her daughter. 

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Another beautiful pic of my scientist May😍

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However, it seems Nicole may be on her way back as a week ago she posted a photo with Azan saying how much she has enjoyed her time with him but now it’s time to get back to her daughter. 

We know that Nicole has been on the forums discussing coming back to America and her concern with flights being cancelled. Which most are hoping is the truth but some are theorizing that it could be her creating an excuse to have to stay even longer. 

It’s hard to believe that Nicole would want to stay longer if the other fan theory that is circulating is true. They are still skeptical of the two’s relationship throughout all of this, and most believe that all the photos she’s posting with him are from a long time ago and not this trip. They think Azan has not been with her this entire time. Nicole is not letting the haters get her down though. She followed up with another post of the two this time letting everyone know that it doesn’t matter what they think. 

“It’s me and you baby. Only we know our love story and all the hard things we’ve been through. We have come out stronger than we’ve ever been before and we’ll continue to grow together. May and you are my family and my future.” 

It seems she’s starting to think of May now maybe due to all the criticism she’s encountered. She mentions May in both of her latest posts with Azan and on her latest post she put a picture of May saying she would see her soon. That wasn’t the part everyone honed in on though. Nicole also used the hashtag #badmom. 

What do you think of Nicole’s latest post and trip to Morocco? Let us know in the comments. 

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