90 Day Fiancé’s Anna Campisi fires back at Danielle Jbali on Johnny Yates blog over misleading information posted on Instagram stories.

Written by: Briana Phipps – April 15th, 2020 5:15pm pst

If you follow basically any reality star on Instagram you will have noticed click-baity adds on their stories, usually making it seem like something huge has happened, and most of the time they’re very misleading. Sometimes the people pictured in the photo aren’t even who the ad is about. This is exactly what happened to Anna.

Danielle’s stories recently featured a photo of Anna and it was captioned “90 Day Fiance Star Arrested”. Once you hit the swipe up though the article is actually about fellow co-star Nicole’s father, and his recent arrest. 

However, Anna wasn’t thrilled her photo was being used in this manner. Fans started reaching out to her to try and figure out why she had been arrested, which prompted Anna to take to her stories to clear the air. 

“I don’t like to feed into this stuff. I’ve been asked by a few people if I’ve been arrested recently … no. I’m happy at home with my family.” She followed it up by telling Jbali to “get a life.”

The companies she is referring to pay people to allow them to have access to their Instagram account and post without showing the person what they are posting beforehand. This is exactly what Danielle pointed out to inTouch in a recent interview. 

“I understand where Anna is coming from, but I have no control what pictures and articles the company puts together,” Adding, “She did message me, but I did not see her message [until] she tagged me in her story post. The company never said in the picture who the star was, they just used her picture which came from the show.”

Photo Credit: Danielle Jbali Instagram

That didn’t matter to Anna who apparently kept implying that Danielle was trash for allowing a company to post on her behalf. In the same interview with inTouch Danielle defended her choices.

“It does not make me trash for trying to make money to support me and my family. Every cast member gets asked to promote things and it is our choice of what we promote.”

Anna fired back, this time in the comment section of Johnny Yates, a popular 90 Day Fiance blogger, saying there are better ways to make money, and tagged Danielle in the comment.

“I understand you need to feed your family, but maybe look into ways that don’t hurt others. You have choices. I was contacted by companies, but I would never do that to make money.

Whose side are you on? Let us know in the comments! 

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