90 Day Fiancé Star Says Show Put Her Baby in Danger

Written by: Christy Olson – December 10th, 2019 5:48pm PT

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90 Day Fiancè Season 7 star Emily Larina is dishing insider details on a scene from the show that put her baby in danger!

Fans saw Larina, fiancè Sasha Larin, and their infant son Davit begin their journey from Russia to the United States on the latest episode. However, Emily said TLC didn’t have the proper car seat for her child.

Credit: TLC

Larina shared the information in a social media post.

“I told them multiple times the car seat needed to be for an infant, but they didn’t listen,” said Larina.

When the family’s ride arrived with a bigger car seat, Larina says she couldn’t hold back the tears.

“If we waited for another car we would’ve missed our flight. I was so stressed from the ordeal that I broke down crying,” continued Larina.

While the new mom confesses she still feels awful about the ride, baby Davit, who’s huge for his age, did fit into the car seat made for older tykes.

“He has a good one now though!” Emily concludes.

Thank goodness!

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