90 Day Fiancé Star Ricky Reyes Instagrams Drinking and Driving

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8/19/19 4:45PM

A 90 Day Fiancé alum is facing major backlash from fans after he admitted on Instagram Live he drove home under the influence of alcohol!

Ricky Reyes went on Instagram Live Sunday night following a night out at a nearby location. He initially defended his actions to the people watching.

“F*** you. I didn’t endanger anybody. I drove home,” said Reyes. “The place where I was at was only like two minutes away.”

Reyes was on Season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days with Ximena Parra. Reyes, who is from Columbus, Ohio, met Parra on an international dating site and visited her in Columbia after his plans to meet another woman fell through. Fans were shocked to learn later that Ricky was married while romancing his two Columbian beauties.

After a brief reconciliation wife Natalia Reyes filed for divorce in June and was granted a temporary protective order barring Ricky from seeing the couple’s young daughter.

Later in the Instagram video, after more comments poured in from fans, Reyes admitted it wasn’t smart to drive home.

“I guess you’re right. I’m just being stubborn,” said Reyes. “Technically I endangered someone else’s life.”

He then confirmed he made it home safe without incident.

“If you want to speak that way, I gotta be truthful, right?” shared Reyes.

Fans were offering Reyes advice, commenting “go inside and get some water” and “get a shower and go to bed.”

This isn’t the first time Reyes has been in the headlines for his behavior. He voluntarily checked himself into a mental health facility in March. According to SoapDirt, Reyes had limited access to his phone while in the facility, only able to access it three times each day.

Reyes deleted his Instagram following the Sunday night’s Instagram video. He hasn’t commented anywhere since.

We’ll make sure to update this if he shares a response.