7 Times Chloe Veitch Was An Icon

Too Hot To Handle and The Circle star, Chloe Veitch, is a force to be reckoned with. Here are 7 times she was an icon on our television screens!

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Posted On: June 12th, 2021 10:37 pm pst

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Chloe Veitch, the bombshell babe Netflix star from Too Hot To Handle and The Circle, has won the hearts of fans with her dazzling personality. Here are some moments of Chloe being the iconic woman we know and love!

Strawberry Kisses

Chloe was testing the limits on Too Hot To Handle. Chloe tried to get around the no kissing rule on the show by putting a strawberry between David Birtwistle and her lips. This quick kiss turned into a full blown make out session, but there was no spark between the two. Unfortunately, this didn’t work and she and David ended up costing everyone $3,000. We have to give her one for creativity.

Astrology Girl

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We are obsessed with our astrological queen! In episode 4 of Too Hot To Handle the girls had to go through a spiritual journey and focus on their Yoni. Chloe described her sex life as a woman as a butterfly and described it as, “Inner strength, femininity, and sisterhood”. It’s all about girl power with Chloe. She even mentions in The Circle that she goes to see psychics a lot in her everyday life.

Girls Rule, Boys Drool

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After Kori Sampson kissed Chloe and then left her to pursue Francesca Farago, Chloe was extremely upset. She was quick to confront the issue with Francesa and Kori. On Too Hot To Handle (Season 2, Episode 7), Chloe said, “ I know my worth and I’m not going to let Kori take me for a ride.” She showed her strength not to be messed with by any guy and showed she was genuinely trying to find a love connection.

Pornstar Martini

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I’ve never seen a girl more excited about a pornstar martini than Chloe. Her go-to drink was a staple of her time in The Circle. This is a bold drink for a bold girl. Many people on The Circle hide their identity and become a catfish in order to win. Chloe decided to join The Circle as herself even though there was a chance that the other contestants would recognize her from Too Hot To Handle and assume that her profile was fake. Chloe just sipped on her pornstar martinis and let her true personality show.


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If you’ve watched Chloe on television, you know about her banter. Her strategy in The Circle was to flirt her way all the way to the finale. She was overjoyed when she was voted “The Sexiest Player Award” by her fellow contestants. There are no excuses for Chloe to stop making her moves, she even was on the hunt while enjoying a bubble bath. She made it all the way to the finale, so her strategy was definitely working.

Opening Up

As the season of The Circle was coming to an end, the contestants had to open up about what they would spend the money on if they won. If Chloe won she said she would spend the money on helping pay her family’s debt and donating to charity for people who struggle with addiction. Chloe opened up about her dad’s struggles with addiction and what the charity meant to her saying, “Helping him towards the charity to help other families, it’d mean the world to me.” on The Circle (Season 2, Episode 12) Viewers saw a completely new side of her with her deep caring and adoration for her family.

Bouncing Back

Although The Circle is not a dating show Chloe was determined to find love. In the first episode, she felt a connection to Deleesa Carrasquillo, who entered the game as Trevor. For the entire season Chloe thought of Trevor with every move she made and fangirled over him to herself for weeks. Chloe had opportunities to connect with other players, but decided to stay loyal to Trevor all the way to the finale.

During the finale, Chloe found out her romance with Trevor was a lie and she was being catfished the entire time. Thankfully, she took this like a champ, telling Deleesa a.k.a Trevor, “You play a good game, girl!” When she was over the initial shock of it all, Chloe moved on to her next love interest Mitchell Eason.

What’s Next

Chloe’s presence is made for television. In late May, she gave fans a glimpse into the future on Instagram where she captioned a picture, “Back on your telly REALLLLLL SOOOOOON👀.” During June, the Too Hot To Handle account posted this video of Chloe talking about next season on Instagram as seen above. We would love to see more from Chloe, bringing motivation and inspiration to others through her experiences and struggles.

Until that day comes when she is back on television, there are other places Chloe is staying connected to her fans. The reality TV star posts on her youtube channel and stays current on her instagram. For hilarious talks from Chloe check on her instagram stories. Stay tuned to see what Chloe will do next!

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