The Katy Keene Star Shares The Most Insane Rumor He’s Heard About Himself

Written by: Eric Devontae Russell – March 31st 2020, 5:05pm pst

Imagine walking down the aisle with one woman, then having social media confuse her for a different person altogether. Well, Zane Holtz, actor and star of the CW’s Katy Keene, recounted that exact experience while speaking with AfterBuzz TV, this past Friday.

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During our special segment, “60 Seconds With Zane,” when asked what’s the most insane rumor he’s heard about himself, Zane answered,

“Oh, so there’s a fun one.  So, I’m married…and people know this, so, yes,  I guess  there’s, like, another woman with the same name as my wife, and people think that I’m actually married to her, but i’m not.”

Zane continued, “Is that confusing? Yeah, it was just a weird one that I saw, like somebody, it was on social or something, and I was like, I don’t know…that’s not… that’s not right.”

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Now, while Zane is sure about who he’s in love with in real life, his character KO may be more indecisive.

In episode eight, we saw everything hit the fan when Katy and Xandra had a standoff at Pepper’s birthday party. It seemed as if KO may still have feelings for Katy, in his lack of defense for his new girlfriend Xandra. When asked, “what is the thing that is attracting KO to Xandra?”

Zane responded, “Well, I think we kind of touched on it a little bit.  KO doesn’t really talk about it in the scene, but a little bit of the subtext is that, Katy and KO, when they were together through the years, it was so familiar and they kind of supported each other’s dreams and were there for each other and just kind of, like, when there’s that familiarity there, they kind of maybe aren’t pushing each other outside of their comfort zones as much. And I think with Xandra, there’s a lot of Xandra that is pushing KO to try new things and new careers.”

credit: The CW

Zane also mentioned that one of the things that he loves about KO’s character is his authenticity. He admits that while KO may love Katy, he is with Xandra and he is not going to do either one of them wrong. I don’t know about you buzzers, but I am very excited to see how this romance plays out as the season continues.

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