5 Things Taylor Swift Should Do Next

A new acting role has just been announced for Taylor Swift which has us thinking what else the star might be up to. Here are five other things we want to see her do next!

Alexis Crandall

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Posted On: June 8th, 2021 9:21 am pst

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Following the announcement of Taylor Swift being cast in a new star-studded movie, marking her first since 2019’s Cats, here are five things she should accomplish next. 

#1. A Jukebox musical or writing for Broadway

Halfway to an E.G.O.T. and with multiple Oscar nominations, Broadway seems like the next step to receiving the honorable distinction. At only 31, Swift already has enough content to fill a Broadway musical. On TikTok, creators have made their own set-lists and storylines using her music. Even if a jukebox musical is how she ends up on Broadway, writing music for a musical is not out of her wheelhouse. She’s already co-written a song with Andrew Lloyd Webber for Cats (“Beautiful Ghosts”) and has proven with her two surprise albums last year that she can write from a fictional character’s perspective.

#2. Collaborate with more women

Despite highlighting women in the music industry in her 2020 documentary, Miss Americana, award show speeches, and interviews, Swift has rarely worked with women. I know she has already featured women on songs from “Breathe” to “no body, no crime,” but the women are relegated to background vocals. Meanwhile, her male collaborators get verses and more. I would love to see her write with other singer-songwriters like Sara Bareilles (who has written for the Broadway musical, Waitress, and could offer advice), Michelle Branch, Brandi Carlisle would fit well with her recent acoustic, folksy sound. Outside of vocals, working with more female producers would be a dream. Her collaboration with Imogen Heap on 1989’s “Clean” makes it one of the best on the album. 

#3. Write a book

There’s no denying Swift has become one of the biggest artists in the world. Having explored the ups and downs of fame in Miss Americana, I think an autobiography detailing stories throughout her career would be fascinating. Dolly Parton is releasing a book featuring some of her most famous lyrics and the stories that inspired them, something I could also see Swift doing. This does feel like a bit of a long shot because she keeps her private life well guarded, but we can dream, can’t we?

#4. Vogue Beauty Secrets

This seems like something that would happen sooner rather than later. She has shared some of her favorite beauty products in the past, but as she has gotten older, it would be neat to see her share what’s changed. I could see her reacting to the time she used Sharpie as eyeliner in her early 20s and what beauty lessons she’s learned as she guides us through her current makeup routine. Her makeup artist keeps her beauty products secret, so this would be a nice window in her everyday go-to’s, like her favorite red lipstick, especially coming from the publication that introduced her to red lipstick and gave her bangs (two things that are still her staples). This is also a good compromise between allowing people into her personal life and maintaining boundaries.

#5. Cat products

My friend introduced me to this idea. It’s fun and exactly what I would expect Swift to do for no reason other than she can. It’s no secret she loves her cats (they get a shoutout in “Gorgeous), so a line of cat toys and accessories makes sense. I could see this as a limited-edition collaboration with a pet store, like PetSmart, or an online retailer, like Litterbox. The names would probably be inspired by her cats or her song lyrics (edited to be puns). 

In the meantime, let us know what you think she’ll do next!

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