5 Reasons to ‘Please Uncancel’ Benji Aflalo, Esther Povitsky and Eben Russell’s Freeform Comedy ‘Alone Together’

Written by: Kay Montgomery – April 25th, 2020 7:49pm pst


Through the course of time there has been an abundant number of television shows that have successfully captured the hearts of so many fans, but due to unfortunate circumstances they were either cancelled, or given a rushed finale that left viewers with 100 more questions and feelings of abandonment as they pick up the pieces and find another show to fall in love with in hopes that it does not get cancelled.  

As always, superfans, AfterBuzz has you covered! Welcome back to our  ‘Please Un-Cancel’ series, which highlights the shows and content we love and whose cancellations were premature. Below are five reasons why Alone Together should be Uncancelled.

1.Millenial best friends, Esther and Benji are the definition of a buddy comedy. A true rarity when you consider they are are straight and of the opposite sex. There is zero sexual tension and I am here for it. So many people, mostly men, have been raised in a sea of toxic masculinity, so they can not fathom this relationship in real life. The idea of not being able to see an attractive woman as anything besides an object to fulfill sexual needs is sad and limiting. My best friend is a guy and has been since high school, so the relationship and intimacy shared by Benji and Esther is a familiar breath of fresh air.

2. The extended cast brings the laughs. Pauly Shore, Fran Drescher, Lela Rochon and Chris D’Elia all deliver effortless hilarity. D’Elia serves as Benji’s older bully of a brother steeped in privilege and elitism. Outlandish behavior like ordering a new toilet when he learns that a neighbor has used his bathroom is par for the course for Dean.

3. Edgar Blackmon would serve as the straight guy in any other sitcom to these two lovable weirdos, but the fact that the series is able to allow him to shine and be equally as funny while being the sensible one makes it a pleasure whenever he’s on screen.

 4.Los Angeles is the perfect backdrop to the kind of aimless wandering, lazy hiking, and weird food habits for this pair. Their career in comedy seems that much more plausible in the city of angels as well.

5. Truly original storylines give this show its edge. Benji gets has a beef with the owner of a sneaker store via a Fish Mural, Esther is consumed with making it big by pandering to the lunch crowd at a 50s themed diner, and Benji and Esther decide to fake a pregnancy to impress a couple they hate, who are about to steal their best friends.

It is a unique show with a specific vision and it deserved more and better than the two seasons it got.

If you loved Alone Together and think it deserves a second chance, share this article.  If you’re as big a champion of helping cancelled shows as we are, keep checking in. Let us know if there are other cancelled series gone too soon we can ask to ‘Please Un-Cancel’ them, too.   Be sure to stay tuned to AfterBuzz TV articles and after shows for the latest news, discussion and info surrounding TV and pop culture.

About The Author:

Kay Montgomery is a host at Afterbuzz TV who loves sitcoms and is currently embroiled in a vicious debate on Bracketology. She is A Different World devotee and although she has a masters degree in Education from The University of Redlands, she would have given anything to go to fictional Hillman College.

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