5 Quibi Shows You Need To See Featuring Anna Kendrick, Meredith Hagner, Donal Logue, Lior Suchard, David Dobrik, Kate Hudson, Oliver Hudson, James Corden, Cam Newton, Trae Young, Matt Rogers, Dave Mizzoni, Ilana Glazer, Bowen Yang, Jon Gabrus, Moshe Kasher, Chef Evan Funke

Written by: Trina Dong – April 20th, 2020 6:36pm pst


Quibi continues to keep us entertained as they consistently pump out new content. I decided to watch as many different genres as I could. Here are the five shows that I got lost in this week!

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Gone Mental with Lior

Mentalist Lior Suchard shocks celebrities as he reads their thoughts and influences their minds. In just a few episodes, David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad get tricked into eating ghost peppers, Kate and Oliver Hudson read each other’s minds and James Corden won Russian roulette with a stapler. Give it a watch to see if you believe it or not!

Iron Sharpens Iron

In each episode, two pro athletes train in each other’s arenas and share their secrets to success. The first episode features NFL MVP Cam Newton and NBA All-Star Trae Young. It’s fun seeing these two up close and personal with humble off stage vibes. Not to mention, watching Cam fumble around doing basketball drills proves once and for all that nobody’s perfect. 


A young woman (Anna Kendrick) finds her boyfriend’s (Donal Logue) spunky and sassy sex doll, Barbara (Meredith Hagner), that has a life of her own. First and foremost, this show is rated mature for a reason, so this isn’t fit for your baby nieces during quarantine TV time. The raunchy, quick-witted banter will keep you wanting to find out where they could possibly take this storyline next. 

Gayme Show

Matt Rogers and Dave Mizzoni host this show as two straight contestants compete to test their gay knowledge with the help of two lifelines. This show is hilarious and packed with comedy scene all-stars. In the first episode, Bowen Yang and Ilana Glazer are the lifelines to Jon Gabrus and Moshe Kasher. I won’t spoil who won, you’ll have to watch and see for yourselves!

Shape of Pasta

The show follows Chef Evan Funke as he uncovers the craft behind rare pasta shapes in his pursuit to find the perfect pasta. No one has ever explored pasta more beautifully and as eloquently as Chef Funke. Watching this series is the perfect example of getting lost in filmmaking.

Quibi has so many more shows available to check out now. There’s nothing better than winding down to quick, entertaining appetizers that end in time for you to check if dinner is ready. See you next week for more treats!

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