5 Questions with TV Icon: Linda Lavin

Written by: Alikona Bradford – February 20th 2020, 6:55am pst

From the CBS hit series that changed lives across America in the 70’s and 80’s, Alice’s Linda Lavin stopped by AfterBuzz TV to discuss highlights from her on-going career including her two Golden Globes, six Tony nominations and win, a Daytime Emmy & Prime Time Emmy nomination, and so much more.

Having spent many years on television extending beyond Alice, I had to ask what were her thoughts on some of the classics in TV and what she watches currently. Here’s what she had to say in our rapid fire-round of 5 Questions with a TV Icon.

credit: Desilu Productions

ABTV: In one word describe Lucille Ball.

Lavin:  Unique.

credit: ABC

ABTV: Fantasy Island or Love Boat?

Lavin:  Love Boat.

credit: Sony Pictures television

ABTV: Starsky and Hutch or Dukes of Hazard?

Lavin: Starsky and Hutch.

credit: Columbia Tristar/ Sony pictures television

ABTV: Best sitcom of all time, besides Alice?

Lavin: All in The Family.

credit: CBS

ABTV: Best 70’s sitcom…but I guess it’s the same era [as All in The Family.]

Lavin: Well the best sitcom of all time for me now, are we going to go into eras, is Mom.

ABTV: Which you were on!

Lavin: I was on, yes, but that’s not why, but I just love it. I think it’s truthful and hilarious at the same time. Which I think is the essence of good comedy.

To catch more of her interview and hear about her adventures on Broadway and in Hollywood alongside other greats like Dean Martin, Hal Prince, Carol Burnette and more, tune into AfterBuzz TV’s American Television Icons.


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