5 Questions for Alberto Zeni star of Narcos:Mexico Season 2

Written by: Chelsie Overocker – February 18th 2020, 8:43pm pst

Alberto Zeni is starring in season 2 Netflix’s series Narcos: Mexico sat down with Afterbuzz TV to answer a few questions…about the scariest thing he has ever done, what advice he would give his 15-year-old self, and more.

1. What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

“Jump out of a plane”. “Skydiving it’s crazy,” Zeni explains, “once you jump there is no control, you’re falling there is no going back to the plane you can’t do anything. I started kind of moving so when you move a little bit your body moves a lot because you’re falling. There is a lot of wind coming and uh I realized if I moved too much, I might hit this guy and he may be knocked out then we’re going to die. So, what happened was I went into shock and I just didn’t move anymore and literally my tongue stuck out of my mouth.”

2. What’s a silly thing you’re afraid of?

“I would say this is funny I was talking about this with someone. I’m not afraid of spiders. If I see them in my house, I will grab them with something and then I will put them outside and let them be. But if I have one on my skin yeah then I freak out.”

credit: ABC

3. Who was your first celebrity crush?

“The girl from The Wonder Years with the bangs…Winnie”

credit: Netflix Originals

4. What advice would you give your 15-year-old self?

“Be patient and don’t take life personal well take life personal just don’t take what people say personal it’s not about you.”

credit: Netflix Originals

5. Name three TV shows you’re currently watching that you love.

Narcos. Narcos: Mexico. [Laughing] “Let me see what I was watching well I was watching BoJack Horseman. It’s an animation. It’s very funny. I started watching Locke and Key which is also a Netflix show. I just started watching the first episode, so I don’t know much about it yet don’t tell me.”

Link to Interview https://youtu.be/8b8e8ZbnBJY

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