5 People You’d never believe Ellen Degeneres is related to

Written by: Mykell Barlow – March 18th 2020, 12:30pm pst

Ellen Degeneres, the reigning Queen of daytime television, made televsion history when her character “Ellen Martin” became one of the first openly gay character on national television. Ellen herself came out shortly after that and would eventually be one of the first openly gay people to host a daytime talk show. With all the major marks she has made in her life I’m sure her family roots are linked to some remarkable people.


The second President of the Mormon Church and founder of Salt Lake City is 5th cousins 5 times removed to Ellen through a shared ancestor John Goodrich (Ellen’s 9th great grandfather). I wonder if Brigham would be supportive of Ellen’s lifestyle at a family reunion.


The author of the classic piece of literature Little Women is 5th cousins 6 times removed to Ellen Degeneres through a shared ancestor, Peter Gardner ( Ellen’s 10th great grandfather). I bet Louisa and Ellen would have a lot to talk about…like how to break gender norms and dismantle the patriarchy.


This nondescript passenger on the Mayflower is Ellen’s 11th great grandfather. His son by the same name is immortalized in WGN series Salem, having been accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials. So why mention him at all? Are you ready for this?

There are quite a few celebrities who are descendants of John Alden. Some of them have even been guests on Ellen’s show. People like BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH.

Cumberbatch (Alden’s 10th great grandson) and Ellen are 10th cousins once removed.


Zac Efron (Alden’s 10 great grandson) is also Ellen’s 10th cousin once removed.


Marilyn is Alden’s 8th great granddaughter which makes her 8th cousins three times removed to Ellen Degeneres.

The list of John Alden’s descendants also includes David Hyde Pierce, Jodie Foster, Dick Van Dyke, Julia Child, and Raquel Welch making them all cousins of Ellen Degeneres.

It looks like Hollywood is just one big, somewhat happy family.

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