5 People You’d Never Believe Barack Obama is Related to

Could Barack Obama be Related to Brad Pitt, Christopher Reeves, Kevin Bacon, Robert Duvall, and Jimmy Carter?

Mykell Barlow

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April 27th, 2020 7:46pm pst

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Barack Obama

The 44th President of the United States made history by becoming the first person of color to hold the office and, without sounding too political, was one of the greatest presidents in our nation’s history. Before we get to our official list I think it is important to note that ancestry.com made the discovery that Obama is matrilineally related to John Punch…America’s first official African Slave. 

Using historical data and Y-DNA analysis ancestry.com determined that Obama is John Punch’s 11th great grandson. Punch who was initially an indentured servant of Hugh Gwyn, was captured after attempting to run away and sentenced to a life of slavery becoming the US colonies’ first slave. His descendant became the first black US President. I hope the profoundness of this discovery resonates with everyone.

Kevin Bacon

The “Footloose” movie star is 6th cousins with Barack Obama.They are cousins through their shared ancestors Shubael Smith and Prudence FitzRandolph. I know the saying is that we are all connected to Kevin Bacon by 6 degrees at most but most of us aren’t connected to him by blood. It’s pretty cool.

Credit: The Guardian

Christopher Reeves

THE Superman himself is 8th cousins with former President Obama through their shared ancestors Samuel Smith and Elizabeth Pierce. I’m not saying Obama is faster than a locomotive or can leap tall buildings in a single bound but…maybe.

Credit: Wikipedia

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is Hollywood royalty who is known for becoming a mega film star with no prior Hollywood connections. Proof that anyone can become a star. It’s interesting to find out he is distant cousins to Obama who also began his career with very few political connections. Obama and Pitt are 9th cousins via their ancestors Ediwin Hickman and his wife Eleanor Elliot

Credit: wikipedia

Robert Duvall

Academy Award Winner Robert Duvall is 8th cousin twice removed to Barack Obama. They are connected through their shared ancestor Mareen Duvall.  I wonder if Duvall would have still endorsed Obama’s 2012 republican opponent Mitt Romney  if he knew about this family connection to Barack. It makes you wonder. Interestingly enough, Duvall and Obama are related to Democratic President Harry S. Truman, Wallis Simpson, and Warren Buffett all through their ancestor Mareen Duvall.

Credit: Wikipedia

Jimmy Carter

The 39th President of the United States is 8th cousin twice removed to the 44th President of the United States.This familial connection is found through their shared ancestors William Terrell and his wife Susannah Waters. It’s astounding how family history can tie us together…even in politics. Barack Obama is also cousins to 3 other former presidents –James Madison (3rd cousin 9x removed), Lyndon B. Johnson (4th cousin 3x removed), and Harry S. Truman (7th cousin 3x removed). 

Credit: Wikipedia

Because of the finite number of humans in history it’s safe to assume we all might share a common ancestor or two if we look back far enough. I find that fascinating.

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Until next time remember we’re all connected.

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