5 Hottest Exes of Your Favorite Celebrities

Brad Pitt, Porsha Williams, and Lisa Bonet are some of the hottest exes in Hollywood. 

Sana Moore

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Posted On: August 7th, 2020 8:13 pm pst

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In Hollywood, celebrity couples break up and find new love every day. SENT Here are five of some of the hottest exes of celebrities in Hollywood. 

Jennifer Aniston’s Ex: Brad Pitt 

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Jennifer Aniston has a list of hot exes to choose from, but the opportunity of mentioning Brad Pitt couldn’t be missed! 

Lenny Kravitz’s Ex: Lisa Bonet 

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Lisa Bonet is one of Hollywood’s most gorgeous women and has been the teenage crush of many since “The Bill Cosby Show”. Did we mention that her current husband, Jason Momoa, is hot too?

Kordell Stewart’s Ex: Porsha Williams

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It’s no secret Porsha Williams would end up on this list. She’s beauty and brains! Williams is known for her activism, being an entrepreneur, mother to P.J, a reality star and the list continues! 

Erykah Badu’s Ex: Common

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Erykah Badu is one of the hottest people in the entertainment industry and to be honest all of her exes are attractive! Common is undeniably a hottie and Tiffany Haddish knows it too since she recently confirmed the two are currently dating. 

Nick Cannon’s Ex: Mariah Carey 

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Mariah Carey is undoubtedly one of the best singers in the world who is also gorgeous! Her smile is charming and she has been breaking hearts ever since the 90s. 

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