5 Bachelorette Contestants That Might Hit It Off W/ Clare

 5 Bachelorette Contestants that Clare Crawley Might Hit It Off With This Season

Abigail Freel

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Posted On: July 20th , 2020 7:09 pm pst

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Bachelor Nation has been blessed with the upcoming cast list with all the potential suitors vying for Clare Crawley’s heart and WOW, does Clare have some great choices just based on these pictures!

Though we only have names, age and hometown to reference right now (Bachelor die hards should be able to figure out who the front runners are by this point). 

Clare and the men are currently in Palm Springs, CA filming their quarantine season so in the meantime let’s check out a few of her potential husbands…

Bennet, 37 from Atlanta, Georgia: 

Credit: ABC

First up, Bennett is already an appropriate age for Clare (two years younger than her) as opposed to a lot of the cast who are mostly in their late 20s. Clare needs a mature man, and he’s not too bad to look at either.

Joe, 36 from North Woodmere, New York:

Credit: ABC

Initial takeaways from Joe: biceps for days and the vibe of a good guy. That soft smile just screams “I’m here for the right reasons.”

Mike, 38 from Calgary, Alberta, Canada:

Credit: ABC

First of all, he’s Canadian. Have you ever met a Canadian who isn’t nice? You can’t! Mike is probably no exception. Other Pro: he can rock a flannel! 

Tyler C., 27 from Gassaway, West Virginia:

Credit: ABC

Alright, Tyler may be a little young for Clare BUT he has the potential purely because his name is Tyler C. Tyler C.’s  have a good track record in recent seasons. He can also rock a v-neck. Lots of potential here!

Uzoma, 29 from Dallas Texas: 

Credit: ABC

How is Clare going to send this guy home if he comes out of that limo looking at her like this?! Uzoma just seems like someone who will stay out of the house drama and he’s my prediction for one of the front runners. 

Based on these pictures, Clare is definitely going to have a good time this season. We can’t wait to see how this historic Bachelorette season shakes out!

What do you think of this group? Anyone stick out to you? Let us know on social media, and keep following AfterBuzz TV for the latest Bachelor Nation news. 


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