5 Bachelorette Contestants That Have A Good Chance This Season

5 Bachelorette Contestants that have a good chance with Clare Crawley this season.

Abigail Freel

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Posted On: July 21st, 2020 8:24 pm pst

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Here at Afterbuzz TV we’ve been breaking down all the Bachelorette contestants as we get closer to Clare Crawley’s season! 

As of right now, we only have names, locations, ages,and  Instagrams to decipher which man is going to steal Clare’s heart… but I think we know as Bachelor fans that hasn’t stopped us before from giving our predictions. 

Let’s look at the next 5 men vying for Clare’s heart, shall we? 

Noah, 25 from Long Beach, California

Credit: ABC

According to Noah’s Instagram, he’s a traveling nurse that loves Jesus! Hopefully he’s more mature for his age because he is one of the youngest contestants on the show this season. But who could say no to that smile?

Yosef, 30 from Daphne, Alabama

Credit: ABC

First of all, Yosef is a pretty cool name. He gives off the energy that he is the southern gentlemen that will make Clare and Bachelor Nation fall in love with him. I sense a lot of roses in his future!

Karl, 33 from Miami, Florida

Credit: ABC

Karl is a motivational speaker which will only set him up for success on the show. Who doesn’t love someone who can hype you up all the time?! As one of the older contestants, he probably won’t be causing too much drama. Even though there’s no telling what’s gonna happen this quarantine season…

Garin, 34 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Credit: ABC

The second Floridian in this group, Garin proves that at the very least he can rock a floral pattern. His Instagram bio claims he is a “nice guy, finishing first” so expect him to be getting A LOT of roses this season. 

Kenny, 39 from Oak Lawn, Illinois

Credit: ABC

Okay, Kenny has so much going for him. That sleeve of tattoos is a whole moment, and he’s the exact same age as Clare! Plus, he appears to be a model so Clare’s Instagram will look good at the very least, right?  

Another great group of guys for Clare. I don’t think she’ll have a terrible time this season if they all seem as good as these guys… We can’t wait to see how this historic Bachelorette season shakes out!

What do you think of this group? Anyone stick out to you? Let us know on social media, and keep following AfterBuzz TV for the latest Bachelor Nation news. 


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