4 Quibi Shows You Need To See In Quarantine

4 Quibi Shows you need to see featuring Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, Liza Koshy, Chance The Rapper, Marsai Martin, Miles Brown, Nicole Richie, Joel Madden, Benji Madden And more!

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Posted On: April 27th, 2020 8:40 pm pst

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It’s a new week and Quibi is starting it off right with a few new shows and a lot of new episodes. As if the content wasn’t star-studded enough, let’s add Joe Jonas to the mix and really amp it up! Here are four shows you should watch with us this week. 

Cup of Joe

We follow Joe Jonas as he tours the world a bit differently than he’s used to. Instead of performing in front of thousands of people, he’s going to be experiencing cities as the locals do. In the first episode, he visits Amsterdam with his partner in crime, Sophie Turner. The first stop is to get a cup of joe with some pancakes. After that, they paint, explore and party as the Dutch do. Tune in to see what other cities Joe takes on.


Liza Koshy hosts this dance battle show with insane challenges. Each episode she has two guest judges and two competing dance crews. The dance floor is high off of the ground and moves every which way. There are perils that come flying at the crews out of nowhere to see if they can hang. This is like Legends of the Hidden Temple meets America’s Best Dance Crew a.k.a a dream come true. Don’t believe me? Go see for yourself!

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Nikki Fre$h

Nicole Richie takes on environmentally friendly, trap music artist Nikki Fre$h. I sincerely regret waiting this long to check out this show. It doesn’t surprise me that Richie is hilarious in it, as she always is. In the first episode, we watch her pitch Joel and Benji Madden “parent trap”, trap music that her peers want to hear. This, of course, involves making music for her garden to grow to. I’m all in. 


I stayed away from Chance the Rapper punking celebs for way too long. It’s time for him to get Marsai Martin and Miles Brown from Blackish and I couldn’t resist. It’s so over the top, in the best way. He makes them think they crashed a drone into a Ferris wheel. We’ve got people stuck at the top, a panic attack and someone hanging off of the side. How are you going to do that to the kids, Chance?! Check it out to see how they react!

Quibi is perfect in any situation! You can binge so many shows in just one hour or watch a few episodes while you’re trying to figure out what movie to watch. The options are endless. We’ll see you next week to share more quick and entertaining content!

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