4 KDramas Featuring Lee Min-ho, Woo Do-hwan, Jung Hae-in, Kim Myun-soo and Kim Min-jae on Netflix and Viki that You Should Be Watching With Us This Week

Written by: Trina Dong – April 18th, 2020 2:21pm pst

KDramas Watch Weekly!

Welcome to the first edition KDramas Watch Weekly! April is the perfect month to kick us off because there is a lot of new content that I know we’re all so ready to sink our teeth into. 

Here’s an inside look on what I’m watching this week. Warning: there are spoilers following each synopsis! Don’t worry, I’ll tell you which episode I’ve seen last, so you’ll be safe!

New This Week: The King: Eternal Monarch (Netflix)

My Last Episode: 1

The show follows an emperor (Lee Min-ho) who travels through a mysterious portal to try to close the doors to a parallel universe. Thankfully, they managed to get all of the much needed, yet confusing, bloody groundwork out of the way in the first episode.

It was hard to keep up with all of the backstories in the different universes, but they did a great job connecting the dots near the end. Both worlds look and feel very unique, which made it easier to tell the times apart. I prefer the present day Kingdom vs. the Republic, but I’ve probably spoken too soon.

The cast is completely stacked. It was captivating watching all of the same people play such different characters in each world. Let’s be honest, watching the duo of Lee Min-ho and Woo Do-hwan as the King and his guard is something we never knew we needed, but we’re so glad to have it. 

Meow, the Secret Boy a.k.a. Welcome (Viki)

My Last Episode: 16

We follow Sol Ah (Shin Ye-eun), who claims to have the personality of a dog and struggles with her love-hate relationship with cats, including her own cat, Hong Jo, who secretly turns into a human (Kim Myun-soo). Whoa. 

This show has made me way too introspective for my own good. I’ve decided I’m a cat with dog-like tendencies. Sol Ah has really put us through the ringer going back and forth with her love for Hong Jo, the real cat that is dog-like when he’s a human, and Jae-sun (Seo Ji-hoon), the human that is always cat-like. I love them both too though, so I get it. 

When Jae-sun gave the stern, matter of fact romantic speech right on the train platform, I was frozen still. Then I slapped some sense back into myself and went back down the road of introspection. This show has clearly ruined me, but I have no regrets. 

A Piece of Your Mind (Viki)

My Last Episode: 3

Ha Won (Jung Hae-in) is an artificial intelligence programmer and is currently developing a device that can answer questions about his life in his own voice and the next step is to get it to think with his heart. In order to do so, he needs to hear from his only true love and Han Seo-woo (Chae Soo-bin) gets stuck in the middle trying to help. The future is a scary place!

After watching the third episode, it makes complete sense to me that they’re cutting down the season to speed up the storylines. Don’t get me wrong, I love sitting and watching them try to figure out their invention and love lives for hours at a time, but it definitely could stand to move faster. 

I’m really concerned for all of the characters in this story. None of them are happy! They’re spending a lot of time trying to decode their lives and no time living them. Perhaps I’m being triggered by the aforementioned introspection, but something good has to happen to someone every now and then right? I sure hope so!

Throwback: The Best Hit a.k.a. Hit the Top a.k.a. Best Punch (Viki)

My Last Episode: 4 

We follow KPop Idol, Hyun-jae (Yoon Shi-Yoon), as he accidentally travels to the future from the 90s where he’s presumed dead and severely fails at blending in. 

I’m so glad I decided to re-watch this show. Seeing Ji-hoon (Kim Min-jae), Woo-seung (Lee Se-young) and MC Drill (Dong Hyun-bae) try to navigate their Idol trainee and student lives is a sweet escape. That said, I need Ji-Hoon to hurry up and profess his love to Woo-seung so she stops literally falling on Hyun-jae’s JNCO wearing lips!

They also keep toying with our hearts by not showing more of Ji-Hoon practicing his rapping and choreo at the studio but we did get to see him save a life twice, so I suppose that will do for now. 

Living vicariously through these stories never lets me down. We have a lot to look forward to next week with new shows starring GOT7’s Park Jinyoung and Kim Dong-hee from Itaewon Class. Don’t all shriek at once!

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Trina Dong is a host and writer at AfterBuzz TV. She’s also an actress and screenwriter that can likely be found binge watching anything from the latest K Drama to Floribama Shore.

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