3 Drama and Action Quibi Shows You Must Watch

3 Drama and Action Quibi Shows You SHould Watch featuring Stephen James, Laurence Fishburne, Queen Latifah, Chosen Jacobs, Liam Hemsworth, & Christopher Waltz

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Posted On: May 8th, 2020 11:07 pm pst

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If you haven’t heard about Quibi yet, where have you been? The new mobile-friendly streaming site is releasing new shows every day with episodes that are no longer than 10 minutes long. We’ve checked out a bunch of their content and here are three of their shows in the drama and action genre that are worth checking out:


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Stephen James and Laurence Fishburne star in a drama action series where James plays Rayshawn, a former military officer who has now returned home and has to deal with some of the familiar challenges African-American males face when it comes to the police department.

This storyline is not necessarily different from what we’ve seen recently in entertainment media, but the timing of it feels a bit more poignant when you take into consideration the recent news of Ahmaud Abrey’s story. James’ character and Ahmaud’s story are very different but what this show does do well is remind us how social media can play a significant role in breaking the rhythm in what otherwise is a very common occurring social injustice in America. Social media allows for the previously silenced to have a voice. When you combine the timeliness of this plot, each episode coming in under ten minutes, and its strong acting performances, then you have a show that should grab your attention.

Most Dangerous Game

Most Dangerous Game is based on a short story by Richard Connell of the same name that uses the Hunger Game-Esque human-hunting-human concept but with a different spin. The show stars Liam Hemsworth and Christopher Waltz and episode one grabs your attention from the opening scene as we learn about Hemsworth’s character. His character is a struggling entrepreneur with a pregnant wife and a recently diagnosed terminal illness and in a last-ditch effort to make things better, he decides to participate in a game where he has to survive in the city of Detroit for 24 hours and avoid his unknown hunters with hopes of receiving enough money to take care of the financial pressure his family is in.

When the Streetlights Go On

This coming of age tale is nested in a 1995 mid-western suburban town that is stunned by a double homicide murder of a local school teacher and a high school student. The show is narrated by Hawaii Five-0’s Chosen Jacobs and also stars Queen Latifah and Sophie Thatcher. The suburban town has tons of secrets that unfold throughout the show and with each episode coming in at under 10 minutes the events keep you on the edge of your seat all through the show.

Quibi is packed with plenty more shows that have great action and drama plots all under 10 minutes per episode. We’ll be back with more of some of the best shows Quibi has to offer soon!

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