Five Netflix Shows That Deserve More Seasons

In celebration of Netflix’s Manifest being picked up for a fourth and final season after its initial cancellation, here’s a list of 5 fan-favorite Netflix series that deserve a second chance as well!

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Posted On: September 7th, 2021 9:54 pm pst

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Manifest fans mourned the decision by NBC this past June to cancel the series, but fortunately, Netflix has decided to pick up the fourth and final season to wrap up the loose ends that audiences were left with back in season three.

Sometimes online ratings get overlooked when deciding a show’s renewal because the cause for cancellation can span anywhere from projected budget loss to creative liberty, but that doesn’t make the news of a show’s end any less heart-wrenching for the devoted fans. Varying in series length, here are five fan-favorite TV series on Netflix that had unexpected endings and deserve a second chance!

The Society

Credit: Netflix

The Society follows the teens of West Ham, Connecticut, during a strange phenomenon that causes the residents to vanish. Upon arriving back home after their canceled field trip, teens discover the disappearance of their friends and family and learn to build their own civilization while trying to find a reason as to what happened.

Many productions scheduled to shoot during the age of covid restrictions have had the inability to accommodate large casts. The Society had a long list of episode regulars, approximately 16, appearing in the short series’ 10 aired episodes. Originally it had been scheduled to air for a second season, but the conflict created during unprecedented times caused Netflix to pull the plug on the second season, leaving audiences with many unknowns about a resolution for West Ham, Connecticut.


Netflix shows that deserve more seasons

Credit: Netflix

Atypical is about the life of an autistic teenager, Sam, coming into his own skin and learning how to navigate life through romance and independence. The show also focuses on the supporting characters and their individual journeys of self-discovery, such as Sam’s younger sister, who struggles with college recruitment and coming out as queer. 

Although the series end was not as abrupt as the others listed, some open-ended questions left the audience wanting more. In only its first season, Atypical gathered a cult following and massive support, especially for actor Brigitte Lundy-Paine, who offered more representation to young queer communities with their on-screen role as Casey. With most characters reaching closure, Casey’s future was left unresolved. Also, being another much-needed tv-written queer character, the Casey fans had hoped the character would get a more definitive happy ending.

Santa Clarita Diet

Credit: Netflix

Santa Clarita Diet looks at the life of a married realtor couple living a humble and somewhat unsatisfactory life while raising their teenage daughter. The show takes an immediate turn when the main character and wife/mom, Sheila, shows zombie-like symptoms that create more hoops for the family to jump through while also spicing up their almost mundane lifestyle.

Expecting a fourth season but not receiving renewal meant bad news for Santa Clarita Diet fans left with a multitude of cliffhangers, causing the fans to hastily join Twitter to discuss their distaste with the discontinuation decision. There’s no doubt that creator, Victor Fresco, was hoping to be picked up for a fourth season, but given the cost-benefit analysis that Netflix observed, there was a minimal need to continue the series that lost some of its acclaim from an economic stance. For now, the gaps can be filled in through imagination, and the fans can only have hope that there might be more answers about the ending on-screen one day.

One Day at a Time

Credit: Netflix

One Day at a Time is the reboot to the old sitcom classic of the same title that focuses on the family issues of a veteran mom of recent separation from her husband in a Latinx household that extends to her daughter and son, as well as her mother that lives with them. 

This show was also pulled after its third season based on Netflix’s cost-view analysis model and never received the same air time that its predecessor did. Serving as one of few intersectional family sitcoms on television, One Day at a Time excelled in giving Latinx and LGBTQ+ characters a platform to speak on important issues regarding their identities and more. In attempts to keep the family on-air, Pop TV picked up production for a fourth season, but unfortunately, restrictions from covid on the production schedule created more complications and cut the season in half with only 7 episodes, the last included being an animated episode, which CBS then aired.

Grand Army

Credit: Netflix

Grandy Army took some elements from Slut: The Play and has its viewers experience the lives of five teenagers in Brooklyn attending the same public high school and battling young adult issues like sexual assault, racism, identity, etc. 

Some speculations circle why the show was barred from future seasons, considering that the show ranked in top charts globally despite having a singular season. One of them being that even though high school hardship and tackling the important themes mentioned before are necessary when done well, Grand Army didn’t bring about any new themes. In addition to its comparable shows in genre and message, there were a lot of common tropes that have been done elsewhere. 

Fans seeing their favorite shows get discontinued often causes much upheaval and critical responses, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. As we’ve seen many times, shows get cut and picked up all the time, so there is never a real loss for a series as the future of television is always changing.

For now, we can enjoy Manifest’s renewal sometime in the spring of 2022 while we wait to see what the future holds for some of the other popular titles. 

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