‘All Americans’ Spencer James & Olivia Baker’s Top 5 Cutest Moments

The hard part of summer is having to wait for the next season of our favorite shows. While we wait for CW’s All American to start in October, we’re getting excited by sharing our top 5 cutest moments from Spencer James and Olivia Baker!

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Posted On: September 3rd, 2021 10:34 pm pst

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Credit: CW

We all have that one show where you hope two characters end up together. For us, one of those couples is All American’s Spencer James and Olivia Baker. There’s no denying these two were meant to be!

Let’s take a look at their five cutest moments on the show, but first, here’s a brief recap: 

Spencer James is a very talented high school football player who went to South Crenshaw High, but early in season one, he got recruited to play for Beverly High and had the opportunity to live with his new coach, Billy Baker. 

Yes, Billy Baker is Olivia Baker’s dad. 

James had to adjust to living in Beverly Hills and get used to how different Beverly High was from his old school, but he had a pretty smooth transition considering the fact that Olivia showed him around. 

Cutest Moment #1: 

Credit: CW

I’ll take you back to the very first episode. 

It’s Spencer’s first day at Beverly High, where he knows no one. Olivia invites Spencer to share a computer with her after realizing he doesn’t have access to one. Not only do they share a computer, but they share a few words and lots of looks. She then proceeds to show him around the school, and before they depart, he invites her to have sushi with him. 

“It’s a date,” she responds. 

Although Spencer was obviously interested in Layla Keating during this scene, there’s no denying the chemistry between Spencer and Olivia. 

Cutest Moment #2: 

Credit: CW

As Spencer is still adjusting to his new life in Beverly, he becomes more comfortable with his fellow football teammates. He attends Asher’s party, where he is dared to go skinny dipping in the jacuzzi with Olivia. As much as they both were acting like they were hesitant, it was clear that they both enjoyed themselves. 

They were smiling ear to ear, looking into each other’s eyes, and almost shared a kiss until… Olivia’s twin brother, Jordan Baker, stepped in and demanded her to get out. 

No one could convince me there isn’t chemistry between the two after this scene! 

Cutest Moment #3:

Credit: CW

By season two, Olivia and Spencer still haven’t made it official or expressed their feelings for one another. 

In fact, Olivia is dating wide receiver Asher Adams, and Spencer is with Layla Keating, but that doesn’t stop the two from being dance partners!

Layla joined a group named Sola Muse, and they’re having their annual ball to celebrate its 44th anniversary. Her boyfriend Asher, who was supposed to be her escort, was too busy to attend any of the dance practices, so Spencer stepped in and escorted Layla to her dance. 

Before the night is over, Olivia receives an award for the most promising cotillionaire. Spencer congratulates her, and they share a slight kiss (on the cheek) as he grabs her waist and looks into her eyes.

It didn’t end too well as Asher witnesses the affection between the two, but in my mind, that was a step closer to #Speliva. 

Cutest Moment #4:

Credit: CW

While Spencer is enjoying his life in Beverly, his Crenshaw neighborhood still holds a special place in his heart, as well as his best friend Coop. Coop gets caught up in a lot of gang violence, which strains Spencer because he wants to see her do well.

As Spencer is walking Olivia to her car, another car comes from behind, shots fired, and Spencer’s immediate reaction was to jump in front of Olivia to make sure she didn’t get shot. 

Basically, he took a bullet for Olivia, and that’s what you call love! 

Cutest Moment #5: 

Credit: CW

This is where the tea gets hot, so make sure you grab some popcorn! 

The summer before their senior year of high school, Olivia and Spencer (along with others) ended up going to Las Vegas together. He and Liv spent a lot of quality time, and it was obvious that both of their feelings grew for one another. 

But, the real reason Liv thought it was a good idea to go to Vegas was to reconnect with Layla once the friendship between the three got rocky. 

Both teens went to a crystal shop where Olivia was helping Spencer pick out a necklace for Layla, and the psychic (owner of the store) comes out and tells them that Spencer needed “clarity.” 

She also told them that she felt a connection of  “forever love,” but as naive as Olivia is, she responds with: 

“He’s here for a girl.” 

Before the episode ends, Spencer gifted the necklace (originally for Layla) to Olivia and says, “ the psychic was right about one thing, I needed clarity.”

He FINALLY expresses his love for Olivia, and their story doesn’t stop there.

You can watch the first three seasons of All American on The CW or Netflix. Let us know your favorite moments of the two lovebirds and if you think they should be together!

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