Top Most Successful Virgos In The Entertainment Industry

Virgo season is on our horizon with a start date of August 23rd and ending September 22nd. We’re taking a look at some of the most iconic Virgos in the entertainment industry including Beyoncé, Adam Sandler, Zendaya, and more!

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Posted On: September 3rd, 2021 4:39 pm pst

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Our favorite celebrity Virgos

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Virgos’ most common known personality traits are being humble, practical, and perfectionists. The sign has an animal symbol of a bear to represent being observational and independent. According to yearly horoscopes, 2021 will be a lucky year for all Virgos as new projects will arise and be completed this year.

Here are 8 of our favorite celebrity Virgos to celebrate!


First off, we got the iconic Queen B. Beyonce was born September 4th and has been making history ever since. She started off her musical career in the hit female band Destiny’s Child and over the course of her career she has won over 20 Grammy awards!

Blake Lively

Watch out east siders because Blake Lively is a Virgo, xoxo gossip girl. While Blake Lively’s character Serena van der Woodsen was not gossip girl, it’s no secret that she is yet another successful Virgo. She has been cast in over 30 movies and tv shows. Lively’s birthday is August 25th. 

Mellissa Mcarthy

The hilarious Mellisa Mcarthy’s birthday is on August 26th placing her at the beginning of the season. Mcarthy has been in several popular shows and movies including Gilmore Girls, Spy, identity theft, and Mike & Molly.

Jack Black

Speaking of hilarious people, Jack Black just turned 52 on August 28th. Jack Black’s most recent movie is Jumanji starring Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, and Karen Gillen. The movie was such a success that it won a Teen Choice award in 2018.


Big win for the Virgos here as Zendaya joins the club with her birthday on September 1st. While some of you may know her as “Rocky” from Shake it Up, her recent show Euphoria, where she played the lead character Rue, has caught everyone’s attention. Euphoria season 2 is currently filming right now and is projected to be released by the beginning of next year.

Keanu Reeves

Up next is one of our favorite Canadian actors, Keanu Reeves. Reeves’ birthday is on September 2nd and he will be turning 57 years old. Keanu Reeves is most commonly known for his prime role in the Matrix series. The Matrix 4 will be released December 22, 2021 so make sure to give this Virgo some support and go see it! 

Micheal Keaton

Micheal Keaton is an American actor best known for portraying Bruce Wayne/Batman. Keaton has played Batman in two films with the latest one being Batman Returns in 1992. Micheal Keaton will be turning 70 years old on September 5th.

Adam Sandler

Our last, but certainly not least, Virgo on the list is Adam Sandler. Adam Sandler is an actor and producer of several fan-favorite movies. These include Blended, Fifty first Dates and Water boy. Sandler has been nominated for over 100 awards and has won 46. Sandler will be 55 on September 9th.

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