Disney Channel’s Jackson Dollinger and Scarlet Spencer on new single ‘I’m Yours 2’

Disney Channel Star Jackson Dollinger and Scarlet Spencer talk I’m Yours 2, working together, new music and more!

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Jackson Dollinger Interview

Credit: Disney Channel

While the pandemic had thrown us all into a tailspin, Jackson Dollinger decided to not let social isolation stop him from staying creative and creating music to help everyone get through the best way he knows how, his music.

Jackson Dollinger and Scarlet Spencer were available for a phone interview to talk about Dollinger’s newest single “I’m Yours 2” which is a sequel to his 2020 single “I’m Yours”, In which Spencer was featured in glimpse and glances throughout but now takes a more featured role and even lends her vocal talent to the song.

When asked if he knew he’d be debuting a sequel to the first song after he first released it Dollinger replied, “I honestly had no clue because I made I’m Yours 2 about ten months after I’m Yours. So I was just going about my normal life. I had no plans to make a second one but when I made I’m Yours 2 I recorded all my parts and then I sent the open to Scarlet to fill in the black space for her verse and…”

“And I said yeah and filled in my part.” Spencer added.

“And the song was done.” Dollinger finished.

Now, if you haven’t seen the I’m Yours music video yet, stop and head on over to Dollinger’s Youtube Channel. If you have, then you saw all the passing glimpses and stolen moments with a mystery girl  in the music video but it was mostly over the shoulder or side shots so you never really saw the mystery girl’s face. Now in I’m Yours 2 you get to see how the love story between these two people continues. “I was really excited. I thought it would be fun. I actually saw in the comment of an instagram post saying  you guys should do an I’m Yours 2. So I think like a month later he sent that to me. So I think I was kinda like expecting it.”

“For sure but when I sent her the song it wasn’t called that. We had originally titled Love, Love, Love but then we decided to call it I’m Yours 2.”

While the style and vibe of the new single might be similar to the first one it still has such a real world feeling to it because when you’re young and you meet someone all those feelings are so new and exciting. When asked what he wants the biggest take away he wants his fans to get from his new single,  “It’s about young love and a fun summer anthem and experiencing love for the first time.”

Both Dollinger and Spencer are currently working on new music and though Dollinger can’t share just yet about his new music he promises there will be new music coming soon. You’ll be able to hear new music from Spencer very soon.  “I have a new single called I’m Not Ready For This.” Spencer said. Remember to follow Spencer to stay updated on her new projects and new single release.

“My biggest goal in music  is that I definitely want to go platinum but I would say just to help people with whatever they’re going through and if it’s a happy song you know, turn up a little but yeah I just want to reach as many people as I can.” Dollinger still has so much passion and talent for music  that I have no doubt he’ll reach his goals sooner than he thinks.

Calling all Sydney to the Max fans, we’re not done with season three of the show just yet and Dollinger was able to share a little about what you can expect to see about his character’s journey in future episodes. “Yes, we’re halfway done. One thing I can tell you is that you’re going to see a lot of progression in Young Max and Alisha’s relationship on screen and I’m really excited for you guys to see that. I think the second half of the season is really important for Young Max because it’s showing how Adult Max is who he is.”

Catch I’m Yours 2 music video release Friday, August 27th and listen to the song as much as you want on all streaming platforms!

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