‘Big Brother’ 23: What We Know So Far

New Big Brother houseguests are set to move in on July 7th. We have all the rumors and details you need to prepare for the premiere!

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Posted On: June 13th, 2021 10:31 pm pst

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The 23rd season of Big Brother will be returning to CBS this summer! Move-in will take place in a 90-minute premiere on July 7th at 8 p.m EST.

However, this season we can expect to see some changes. Robyn Kass, Big Brother’s casting director for over 20 years and 21 seasons announced that she will be leaving the show.

Additionally, CBS has pledged that at least 50% of the cast of their unscripted shows would be Black, Indigenous and People of Color. This is good news considering the past seasons’ have had issues with houseguests using racial slurs or perpetuating microaggressions towards their BIPOC counterparts.

But what we can expect on the casting of Big Brother 23? The cast for the season is most likely already set, and like last season, the players will have to quarantined before entering the house. As for when we’ll get the cast reveal: the Big Brother producers have been keeping pretty quiet. But, the cast reveals for past seasons have typically come out about a week before the season starts. So keep an eye out at the last week of June!

Others have been wondering if CBS will bring back more returnees for this season. But if you’re hoping to see one of your favorite players back this season, you may be out of luck. Since last season was All Stars, the likelihood that this season will feature returnees is slim.

As far as house themes and twists go, Julie Chen Moonves announced that the house theme for this season is BB Beach Club.

As perfect as that sounds for a summer show, many fans were upset over the theme.

However, CBS hinted that a beach club might not be the only theme of the season saying, “one wrong gamble could cost them everything”. While that’s typically true of every season, it hasn’t stopped fans from hoping it alludes to a possible casino twist or theme.

Live feeds, which are arguably one of the most important aspects of the show to fans, will still be around this season. However, they’ll look a little different. CBS All Access, which used to house the live feeds, has become Paramount+. Fear not though, if you already had CBS All Access it has been updated and you can still access the live feeds through the new streaming network.!

Houseguests will move into the Big Brother house on July 7th, and you can watch on CBS at 8 p.m EST.

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