Jen Lilley & Chris McNally’s Exclusive Interview On Hallmark Channel’s ‘Snowkissed’

Hallmark stars, Jen Lilley and Chris McNally discuss their new movie ‘SnowKissed’. Working with co-stars Amy Groening , Rodrigo Beilfuss, and director Jeff Beesley. Filming in Banff, Canada and Jen shares how she soundproofed her hotel room to record ADR for the film.

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Posted On: January 28th, 2021 10:28 pm pst

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Jen Lilley & Chris McNally Interview

Credit: Hallmark

Jen Lilley [USS Christmas] and Chris McNally [When Calls The Heart] star in Hallmark Channel’s new original movie, A Winter Getaway, premiering Saturday January 30th part of Hallmark’s winterfest 2021 lineup. 

Chelsie Overocker from House of Hallmark talked with both Jen and Chris about their new movie and what were some of their favorite scenes to shoot in beautiful Banff, Canada.

We are all excited for the premiere of Snowkissed. Can you both tell us more about the film and your characters.

Chris explains. 

“I play Noah who loves the outdoors and is an adventurous guy. He has an airbnb with his buddy and they need a little bit of help. So he decides that we take on a tour business and implement that with our airbnb that will give us a business edge. It goes terrible. Noah is awful at leading tours and public speaking. He needs help with it [laughs] and Kate [Lilley] is in a position to give him help but he is proud and doesn’t necessarily want that help at first.” 

“Kate’s not an easy pill to swallow though.” Jen adds.“So I play Kate spoiler alert and she’s a Manhattanite who has never left Manhattan. Not even to go to Brooklyn or Queens. She has a very small world view and thinks she knows everything and apparently she does.[laughs] She tries to help Noah but of course her help is not well received because she is overstepping a lot. Very foot in mouth, very funny.”

Jen has been in several Hallmark movies so far and shared that she is really excited for everyone to see Snowkissed. She explains that this movie has more comedy and that the chemistry between Noah and Kate are similar to Ross and Rachel from Friends

“I’m really excited about this one because not only did I finally get to work with Chris who is a good friend of mine but I’m just excited because this one is really funny. Like it’s a comedy, comedy. We also got to work with Amy Groening and Rodrigo Beilfuss. Jeff Beesley was directing and Jeff has won a lot of awards for best comedic director up in Canada. For me it kinda felt like Ross and Rachel from Friends when they got together.”

We can definitely see the similarities between your two characters and Ross and Rachel’s relationship. The dialogue between Kate and Noah is priceless. 

“It’s really funny.” Jen states, “I just did the ADR for it which is automatic dialogue replacement and I was cracking up the whole time. Everybody kept saying it was super funny on set but this Chris’ first comedy right? Chris is hilarious.”

Chris was surprised to hear that he is funny and when booking the role he was at first stressed because there was a lot of comedy in the script.

“Yeah I feel like I’m the type of person where I can be funny when I don’t mean to be funny and anytime I try to be comedic it never works.” Chris explains, “so I was pretty stressed going into this because it was so heavily comedic. But Jeff would be like ‘dude what do you mean you don’t think you’re funny?’ I’m like I don’t think I’m funny. I don’t know if he was telling the truth or not so we will find out. [laughs].” 

 “No he was!” Jen adds, “if you haven’t done ADR you are going to lose your mind. I didn’t know how funny we were but we’re really funny!” 

Speaking of ADR we loved watching your Instagram stories of you trying to soundproof your hotel room. Our favorite is when you set your mattress up against the wall. How long did it take you to set everything up?

Jen laughs.

“Putting it together I was sweating. I hate working out. So does my character which is another thing that is funny in this movie. But it was an adventure in my own room. I was literally moving things around as if my children’s lives depended on it because I did not want to be the reason that this movie has any issues. The ADR was really amazing. It turned out very well in my hotel bathroom while quarantining. Thanks for asking.” 

No problem! We are sure it turned out great and admire your dedication. But let’s talk about the amazing locations you filmed in Banff, Canada! Was this your first time filming at this location? 


“It was my first time visiting it. Chris you are Canadian. Was it your first time going to Banff? 


“No, I’ve been there before and I was happy to go back.”

It’s stunning!” Jen adds. 


“The weather really worked out for us that particular day when we are going up the gondola. It was really cloudy when we rolled in and then we were doing a scene later on that day we’re supposed to go, ‘wow look at this view. Isn’t this amazing?’ Something like that and you couldn’t see 100 feet in front of you. [laughs] But luckily the sky opened up and it was a gorgeous blue day.”

“You were worried about it. I wasn’t worried about it.” Jen states, “I was like, ‘I’m just going to say a prayer and it will be fine the time we get to the top.’ and it was.” 


“I’m a worrier, I worry about everything”. [laughs]

What is one scene that you enjoyed filming that you can’t wait for the audience to see.


“Oh man. It’s got to be a scene with all four of us because really the dynamic between Chris and I and also Amy and Rodrigo were particularly fun.”

“Maybe the tour?” Chris states, “I feel like we had a good time filming inside the hotel.” “I think that’s Noah’s first day of the tour and he is struggling to get through it.” 

Jen adds.

“My character is not helping.” [laughs]

We loved the dynamic between all of the characters as well and one of our favorite scenes is when Kate and Jane [Amy Groening] are in the airport and Kate thinks she lost her passport. 

“The passport scene was hilarious.” Jen explains, “ I was so happy I didn’t have to ADR to it because it is really hard to ADR over breathing and you are trying to match it. I think this is exactly what people need right now. It’s just a beautiful escapism in your living room but you feel like you are traveling. You are definitely going to laugh which is really good medicine.”

Not only did Jen and Chris share their favorite scenes from the movie but they also shared some of their favorite moments after wrapping on set.

“After wrap it was fun because we weren’t allowed to have a wrap party because of social distancing.” Jen explains, “Amy, Rodrigo, and Jeff Beesley our director had a meal in our hotel suite and then I heard we were potentially gonna see the Northern Lights that night. So I drove us out back to one of the locations where we did the bench scene and we did not see Northern Lights but it was a really fun drive. Chris was the master of the music and I drove. It was really nice to get in a car of all five of us and feel like we were having a miniature road night trip.”


“It was a beautiful night and we couldn’t see the Northern Lights but there were gorgeous stars and it’s nice to be outside of the city at night. It was pretty magical.”

Make sure you all check out the premier of Snowkissed  Saturday January 30th on the Hallmark Channel. 

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