2019 Primetime Emmy Awards’ Alternative Winners

Written by: Jeffrey C. Graham – September 23rd, 2019 7:23am PT

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It was an incredible night for the 2019 Primetime Emmy Awards, but at AfterBuzz TV, we recognize that with hundreds of scripted shows airing annually, a number of amazing shows aren’t given the spotlight they deserve, despite rivaling the quality of their Emmy-nominated peers.

AfterBuzz TV is thrilled to be giving handing out 5 Alt-Emmy Awards to shine a light on some of TV’s major standouts that weren’t given any nomination recognition by the academy. To qualify for an Alt-Emmy, a show must not have been nominated for a major Primetime Emmy by the TV Academy for its year of eligibility. Here is our list of nominees and winners!



    1. Ramy
    2. Broad City
    3. Shrill
    4. Get Shorty
    5. Forever
    6. Now Apocalypse
    7. Miracle Workers
    8. The Other Two
In it’s outstanding debut season, Hulu’s RAMY managed to warmly, hilariously, and sometimes heartbreakingly shine a light on the often-explored nuances of the modern American Islamic experience, steered by co-creator Ramy Youssef’s fearless performanceFor it’s modern filmmaking techniques, well-observed writing, subtle direction, and ultimately, its hilarious take on modern millennial life in America, our AltEmmy for best comedy goest to RAMY.

Half-hour Drama

    1. Sorry For Your Loss
    2. Yellowstone
    3. Homecoming
    4. Power
    5. The Deuce
    6. Lodge 49
    7. Mayans MC
    8. Vida
As a welcome example of the newly emerging “half-hour drama” television format, Sorry For Your Loss feels like a beautifully made Sundance indie that was morphed into a gorgeous web series: funny, urgent, heartbreaking, achingly human, and ultimately hopeful. Elizabeth Olson’s central performance as a grieving widow is one of this year’s best: played boldly with equal parts comedy and tragedy. 

Limited Series

    1. Howard’s End
    2. The Haunting of Hill House
    3. Maniac
    4. I Am The Night
    5. The Terror
Starz continues to assert itself as one of the best networks for literary adaptations with it’s gorgeous remake of EM Forrester’s Victorian classic Howard’s End. The show, – produced by the powerhouse of team of Manchester By The Sea scribe Kenneth Lonnergan and Golden Globe nominated thespian Hayley Atwell – loyally recounts the Victorian tale with a modern sensibility and wide-eyed look at class that resonates as much today as it did a century ago.

Dramatic Performer

    1. Julia Roberts – Homecoming
    2. Elizabeth Olson – Sorry For Your Loss
    3. Christine Baranski – The Good Fight
    4. Kiernan Shipka  – The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 
    5. John Krasinski – Jack Ryan
Adapted from the criminally underrated Gimlet podcast of the same name, Amazon’s Hitchcockian thriller Homecoming was one of our favorite releases in 2018, and Julia Robert’s fierce, yet controlled leading performance is one of the main reasons. Roberts is asked to maintain character consistency across multiple timelines and states of consciousness for this multi-layered mystery, and she does it with flawless ease, and an inescapable charm that inserts itself into every on-screen performance Roberts has ever offered.

Comedic Performer

    1. Aidy Bryan – Shrill
    2. Jim Carrey – Kidding
    3. Tracy Jordan – The Last OG
    4. Justina Mochado – One Day At A Time
    5. Abbi Jacobson – Broad City
Aidy Bryant has always been a secret weapon on SNL, but not until Hulu’s wonderfully heartfelt comedy Shrill have we gotten to see this rare talent truly spread her wings. Throughout these six short debut episodes, we watch Bryant sulk, strut, cry, make love, dance, and discover herself in a hilarious, charming, and wonderfully assured performances that has us starving for season 2.

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