Must-See Performances Of The 2020 Latin Grammys!

The artists were more than ready to show up and show out. Read on to find out who made the list for top performances of the night!

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Posted On: November 20th, 2020 6:33 pm pst

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Last night was the annual Latin Grammys, where the best of the best get recognized in one of the most important nights in latin music.

The award show was filled with so many amazing performances and here are the ones you have to see!

#5 Rauw Alejandro 

While technically part of the preshow, Rauw Alejandro made his name known at the award show.

Fresh off the debut of his album Afrodisíaco, the Puerto Rican artist presented a medley of four of his songs.

He started off with Fantasias, then to the first song of his album ‘Dile A El’, ‘Enchule’ was third, and the last song was ‘Tattoo’.

Rauw was nominated for ‘Best New Artist’ but unfortunately did not manage to win.

2020 has definitely been the biggest year for his career and we are more than certain that Grammy is in his future!

Check his performance out below!

#4 Karol G

A year after launching her hit song ‘Tusa’ alongside Nicki Minaj, Karol G honored it by performing it at the Latin Grammys.

While Nicki was unable to be present at the award show, Karol made sure to mention her and give her credit as well.

The whole theme of the song was pink and the performance was no different.

Karol G began at the top of a staircase wrapped in a long robe and quickly emerged with a beautiful outfit underneath when the beat dropped.

Karol’s performance was full of women, from the dancers to musicians, and she joined in on the choreography as well. 

She took to Instagram to express her dreams of walking down a red carpet as a princess and told haters that she did not care if she was the best dressed or if it didn’t fit her body. She then urged her fans to follow their dreams and love the process through it all as it makes it worth it. 

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A post shared by KAROL G (@karolg)

Watch her performance below!

#3 Kany Garcia x Camilo x Pedro Capo x Nahuel Pennissi

Hailing from Puerto Rico, Kany Garcia began the epic performance singing her song ‘Lo Que En Ti Veo’. Nahuel Pennissi, from Argentina, accompanied the artist on the piano.

Kany was later joined Colombian singer Camilo to sing their song ‘Titanic’.

The stage was dark and emotional and it quickly turned into an upbeat rendition of Camilo’s hit song ‘Tutu’.

Pedro Capo graced the stage to sing alongside Camilo and it was pretty awesome.

Prior to their performance, Pedro shared a sweet photo of the quartet during rehearsals and expressed his gratitude towards them.

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A post shared by Pedro Capó (@pedrocapo)

The performance is available to watch below.

#2 Héctor Lavoe Tribute

Héctor Lavoe is considered to be the best and most important figure in the history of salsa music. 

He was born and raised in Puerto Rico and sadly passed away at the age of 46.

The Latin Grammys decided to honor his legacy with a special tribute for him and all that he has accomplished.

Ricardo Montaner, Victor Manuelle, Jesus Navarro and Sergio George began singing the ‘El Cantante’ and were joined by Ivy Queen and Rauw Alejandro to close it off.

They started the show with a bang and gave Héctor Lavoe his well deserved recognition.

Victor Manuelle and Ivy Queen both shared photos online regarding the tribute. Here’s what they had to say.

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A post shared by IvyQueenDiva (@ivyqueendiva)

Watch the tribute below!

#1 Bad Bunny

The Latin Grammys decided to go virtual this year by allowing only artists to be present at the venue with fans joining in remotely.

However, some artists were not able to be physically present and instead opted to do a virtual performance. 

Bad Bunny was one of them and he did not disappoint.

He was in his native Puerto Rico and kicked off his performance in his white Bugatti surrounded by lots of motorcycles.

The fun didn’t end there as he began to sing ‘Bichiyal’ from his YHLQMDLG album while also in the passenger seat of his car.

He quickly switched his performance to a colorful one where he sang the first track of the same album ‘Si Veo A Tu Mamá’. 

Bad Bunny thanked everyone involved in his performance in a sweet instagram post with some behind the scenes look from his performance.

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A post shared by @badbunnypr

Bad Bunny also took home the Grammy for ‘Best Reggaeton Performance’ for his iconic song ‘Yo Perreo Sola’ 

Make sure to catch his performance below! 


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