Sarah Michelle Gellar Wishes Freddie Prinze Jr. a Happy Father’s Day

Sarah Michelle Gellar is back with more SMG Tips to help us get fit for summer, she wishes her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. a happy Father’s Day by reminiscing on his “manny” role on Friends, and shows extra love to Selma Blair on her birthday

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Posted On: July 1st, 2020 11:23 am pst

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AfterBuzz TV Loves Sarah Michelle Gellar Weekly

Sarah is back this week with more SMG tips on how to survive quarantine! She wishes her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. a happy Father’s Day, and goes down memory lane with Selma Blair.

We all remember when Freddie Prinze Jr. played his iconic role of the “manny” on Friends and how smitten Rachel [Jennifer Aniston] was of Sandy… we were too. 

Sarah also was a fan of her husband’s role. She shared a sweet post on Father’s Day tributing to when Freddie made his first guest appearance on the hit tv-sitcom. 

“My kids won the lottery, they not only get the best father @realfreddieprinze..they get the original #Manny..I’ll be there for you.” 

Yes! We all love Sandy and wonder if Freddie ever played the flute for his own kids when he was trying to get them to fall asleep. Either way, we know Freddie is definitely there for his family. 

Sarah is also there for her Cruel Intentions co-star Selma Blair! She wished her happy birthday by posting a photo of when they accepted an award for best on screen kiss. 

“Since I will have to stay six feet away from you today (and wear a mask) this will be as close I get to giving you a birthday kiss. Happy Birthday..” 

Even wearing a mask couldn’t stop Sarah and Selma from seeing each other and celebrating Selma’s birthday. 

“I got my kiss.”

We love how co-starts can still remain good friends decades later. It was also fitting that Sarah wore a mask that had a shape of lips beaded on the front. Selma commented on the photo and stated she loves Sarah’s “mask kisses.”

“This was a great birthday. I love your masked kisses.”

Sarah also posted another photo of her rocking a magenta colored mask. This is definitely one of our favorite colors on Sarah, she pulls it off well. 

“#maskmonday brought to you by @csirano (and me).” 

We love it Sarah. We hope this will start to become a routine where you post pictures of you slaying different masks to where. 

But one thing Sarah is good at slaying is her SMG tips of the day. While being quarantined if you have a difficult time exercising, Sarah has a workout that might work for you. 

“SMG tip of the day- if you find that you don’t have enough time to exercise right now just count the number of times you shake your head in utter disbelief…it adds up…Qurane Tip.”  

Sarah shared another SMG tip that will help us stay in shape, reminding us that it’s important to keep track of our calories.

“A banana is 105 calories. A glass of prosecco is 80…your choice. Quarane Tip.”  

Thanks for the great SMG tips this week Sarah, we’re hoping we can stay in shape for the summer… (p.s. we choose the prosecco).

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