Yolonda Ross Teases New Feature Film & Shares Thoughts On Ahmaud Arbery Case

Yolonda Ross dishes on how much she loved working with Viola Davis on How To Get Away With Murder, how she got her start in acting on Saturday Night Live, and how she’s getting out in nature during quarantine.

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Posted On: May 26th, 2020 2:22pm pst

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ABTV Quarantine With The Stars: Yolonda Ross

Yolonda Ross got her start in acting as a stand-in for background work on Saturday Night Live, and that one moment has changed her life and career forever.

Before becoming an actress, Yolonda was actually in the fashion business as a buyer, but when a friend couldn’t make her background stint on SNL, Yolonda filled in and knew that acting was her true calling.

After grinding and earning her union card, the talented actress eventually landed a role on New York Undercover, How To Get Away With Murder, and now her current exciting role on Showtime’s The Chi.

Since she’s not acting right now due to quarantine, and we’re all excited to see her return to The Chi this summer, Yolonda shared how she’s keeping busy and staying sane in quarantine.

As an actress and writer, Yolonda is keeping her creative juices flowing by continuing to write and working hard to get funding for projects that she wants to create.

To help with that creativity, Yolonda is making sure to get out in nature and admire the foliage, wildlife, and all the beauty that our planet has to offer.

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Wow!! Old #NYC has been on my mind a lot lately with all that’s going on. I miss the freedom that I found being in the city. The life long friends I made, the art, the excitement, the wonder of what’s next? Leaving the house with a backpack full of everything knowing I’d end up bumping into a handful of people on the streets in various places and go wherever the conversation and interests took us. @tedium.terror.design Thank you for the wonderful gift. I was just saying how wish I could have kept a token as a keepsake. I didn’t have money to hold on to my last token. Had to use it. Haha This is amazing Thank you!! And to my OG NYC homies @jacqfit4style @ferrerforeal06 @ceyadams @beastieboysstory stay safe ❤️ Ya’ll Have a great weekend.

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One amazing offer and opportunity that Yolonda was so excited to receive was her role on How To Get Away With Murder and she shared that her previous work with the iconic Viola Davis even helped her land the role. Yolonda discussed how great of an experience it was and joked about how tough it was for her to give Viola that prison beating.

Besides her incredible acting and writing talents, Yolonda is also passionate about activism and standing up for what’s right. Yolonda has used her platform to speak up and speak out about the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the Ahmaud Arbery case, and she dived deep into what she thinks needs to be done to prevent things like this from happening again.

“I’m passionate about any black person just being slaughtered for no reason, any human being being slaughtered. It keeps happening and it’s one of those things where we see it, we’re outraged, we’re not surprised, and that’s not good for it to be a repeated situation. And this country needs to do something about it. As far as who’s in charge right now, it’s not even being talked about.”

We’re grateful to Yolonda for sharing her passionate take on this heart-wrenching situation and something else we wanted to talk to her about is what she has coming up next when Miss Rona hits the road. Yolonda shared some exciting projects that she created coming down the pipeline.

“One of them is a feature with myself and Clark Peters. That is something that I do feel is closer down the line to getting made. It’s about a black couple in the arts that deal with infidelity and from the woman’s point of view, and that’s something that I feel we need to see.” 

Something else that we know you need to see is MORE of Yolonda and we know just how you can do that. You can see her in The Chi, when it returns to Showtime on June 21. You can also see her on social media @yolondaross_creator on Instagram and @YolondaRoss on Twitter. You can also see Yolonda’s full interview here for AfterBuzz TV’s Quarantine With The Stars.

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