Michael Jordan’s ‘The Last Dance’ Offers Motivation, Inspiration and Proof of Hard Work Creating Success. You Don’t Have to Love Sports to Watch, Just Love Learning About Roads to Greatness and Success

Written by: Haley Graves – April 26th, 2020 6:30pm pst

The reason why you don’t need to love basketball – or even sports – to enjoy ESPN’s Michael Jordan’s documentary ‘The Last Dance’, is because Michael Jordan has branded himself to transcended generations, become world renown and all of that was possible because of one thing – his mentality and the ferocity in which he lived his life. 

Your first question might be: why is there such a commotion around this documentary? First of all, Michael Jordan – whom many would argue is the best basketball player of all time. Second, the five part series was supposed to be released during the NBA finals in June but was pushed up to fill the void in the industry created by the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, the sports world needed something and this delivered. 

But as I mentioned, this isn’t just for sports junkies. It’s for anyone who’s ever wanted to be the very best at something, for those who need a little push or nudge and well, if you’re bored and want to keep up with your families group chat on Sunday nights – you can tune in to ‘The Last Dance’. 

Paulo Coelho, author of “The Alchemist”, wrote “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” Well, Michael Jordan was the best example we’ve ever had the privilege to witness of that. 

Michael Jordan didn’t take no for an answer, refused to give up and was determined to be the very best every day he showed up to work. For thirteen seasons, he never lost sight of this. As a sophomore in high school, he was cut from the varsity basketball team. Instead of taking that no and a definitive answer, he went back to work. His second season in the NBA, Michael Jordan suffered a significant injury, but instead of taking an L – he rehabbed on his own and with his own determination ended up leading his team to the playoffs that same season. 

He simply didn’t let a setback prevent his comeback – ever.

The NBA superstar’s father said it best, “If you wanna bring out the best in Michael, tell him he can’t do something or as good as someone else.” 

In fact, Jordan’s mother instilled this mindset in her son at an early age. In the docu-series, she said she’d tell a young ‘Mike Jordan’, “Don’t wait for someone to give you something. Go out, work for it and earn it.” 

These motivational views, as well as, Jordan’s tenacity on the court left me feeling encouraged and hopeful. I was inspired to attack my dreams with the same fierce mentality that Jordan did – and this was only the first two episodes. He simply refused to be less than the best, and that’s something I believe even the non-sports fan can emulate. 

The series takes a deep dive into the career of Michael Jordan as he elevated the championless Chicago Bulls franchise into a dynasty. ‘The Last Dance’ title refers to the 1997-98 season, which was the team’s sixth championship in eight years. Head coach Phil Jackson labeled the season as ‘the last dance’ knowing the team was likely to be broken up at the conclusion of the year, therefore it was this group’s final opportunity to make history together.

During this controversial season, the Chicago Bulls organization granted NBA Entertainment an all-access pass to Michael Jordan and Co. There was 10,000 hours of footage condensed down to ten 50-minute episodes. The footage has gone untouched and unseen for the past two decades – yes, until now. 

ESPN is airing two versions of The Last Dance every Sunday night at 9pm ET. One version on the main network will air unfiltered, profanity and all. Meanwhile, ESPN2 will offer a family-friendly version. Additionally, the episodes will be streamable on Hulu and Netflix by 12pm ET.  

According to Forbes, Michael Jordan will share all of the proceeds to charities – which could reach between $3 and $4 million.

Episodes three and four will air on Sunday, April 26. 

About The Author:

Haley Graves is a host at AfterBuzz TV. She co-hosts on the panels for NBC’s This Is Us, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and CW’s Legacies.

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