Retired NFL Superstars Quarantine TikToks: Gronk Plays Lebron James, Tony Gonzalez of FOXSports SockTalk w/ Michael Strahan, & Tim Tebow coronavirus workout

Written by: Haley Graves – April 19th, 2020 6:29pm pst


TikTok has taken the COVID-19 quarantine period to a new level. TikTok has delivered entertainment to many homes that we never knew we needed. From spending hours learning new dances to convincing those you’re self-distancing with to tolerate your TikTok asks – one thing is for sure… TikTok is for everyone. 

And while TikTok’s algorithm does an excellent job at providing entertainment without much effort on the users part, you might still find yourself wondering who is worth a follow. TikTok has captured the attention from teens to the elderly, from the stay-at-home mom to the biggest NFL stars. 

While I am not a stay-at-home mom, I am someone who desperately misses sports. And not just sports, but the athletes that make them incredibly compelling. So here I am here to break down the best retired NFL players to keep up with on TikTok, because I promise it’s worth your while. 

Rob Gronkowski (@robgronkowski) 

The answer is simple here. Gronk is gonna be Gronk. He was just as entertaining on a football field as he now is on TikTok. His most recent masterpiece involves him pretending to play against an invisible Lebron James.

He also jokingly provides comic relief towards the toilet paper pandemic and takes us on a grocery haul during COVID-19.

Gronk gets the nod at number 1 because his TikToking skills are original and purely Gronkified. Meanwhile, the next two have some help in their glory.

Tony Gonzalez (@tonygonzalez_88) 

Hall of Fame tight end and FOXSports TV personality, Tony Gonzalez deserves some recognition here. Whether it’s providing his highlights for the football junkie…

Hilarious conversations with colleagues such as Michael Strahan – who talks to his socks?

To good ole family friendly dancing content, Gonzalez has something for everyone!

Tim Tebow (@timtebow_15)

Former NFL quarterback and current ESPN football analyst, Tim Tebow brings you the wholesome, relatable content you didn’t know you needed. 

Prime example, the newlywed has been involving his wife in several of his videos. This one couldn’t be more true – especially for those in quarantine with a significant other. In fact, his captions should’ve said “pre-coronavirus workouts” and “during coronavirus workouts”.

And then there’s some movie reenactments… which if that’s your cup of tea – here you go.

Let me know if there’s any NFL players you follow that deserve to have Top 3 recognition!

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