Little Fires Everywhere Star Jordan Elsass

Talks Working with Reese Witherspoon, Learning About the 90s,

and Not Knowing MTV’s ‘The Real World’

Written by: Trina Dong – April 3rd 2020, 11:35am pst

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If you’re not totally hooked on Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu yet, you will be soon! The show is brought to you by Executive Producers Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington and is based on a novel of the same name. The story follows Elena Richardson (Witherspoon) and Mia Warren (Washington) as they lead completely opposite lives but continue to intertwine for better or for worse.

Jordan Elsass, who plays Trip in the series, joined AfterBuzzTV’s Little Fires Everywhere After Show on Wednesday night with Kay Montgomery, Monse Bolanos, Chef Beanz and me to chat about episode 5, “Duo”.

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Lucky for us, Jordan has been watching the series right along with the fans.

“I hadn’t even seen the first episode until the first three dropped,” explained Elsass. “I immediately binge watched those and I’ve been watching ever since.”

It’s good to hear that we aren’t the only ones waiting with bated breath every week! Witherspoon and Washington lead this incredible cast who keep us on our toes each episode by weaving through all of their tangled webs.

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“It was amazing being there and working with them,” Elsass said about working with the star-studded cast. “There’s no other way to put it, it was life changing.”

He went on to talk about what it was like working with his peer castmates. “It was a total blast, I got along with everybody. From day one, the chemistry was there.”

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Elsass plays Witherspoon’s youngest son, Trip Richardson, on the show. The fans either love him or hate him, which is testament to his stellar performance.

“My favorite part about playing Trip was fleshing him out and giving him the multi-dimensional element,” Elsass told us about adding depth to his role. “At first glance he comes across as one dimensional. Once we get into episode four and episode five, we get to see a little more.”

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In addition to loving all of the drama, we are completely enamored with the show’s ‘90s nostalgia from the wardrobe to the music. Elsass told us what he learned about the era while being on the show.

“Real World. I didn’t know what that was,” He explained. “Also, the style. Turns out that I wear a lot of clothes that were popular apparently in the ‘90s. And the sideburns, it was fun to grow those out.”

Credit: @jordanelsass Instagram

You can catch Elsass in the remaining episodes of Little Fires Everywhere every Wednesday on Hulu through the finale on April 22, 2020. He is also set to play Superman and Lois’ teenage son in the upcoming CW series, Superman & Lois. Make sure to keep up with him on Instagram @jordanelsass. Watch the full episode of his guest appearance here.

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