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Written by: Ethan Paisley – April 1st 2020, 6:45pm pst

As rumors circulate about a feature film spin-off of the hit Netflix series Tiger King, everyone from movie superfans to the stars themselves are conspiracizing casting choices for the upcoming remake.

As a Tiger King nerd myself, I have my own ideas when it comes to casting. It was hard to make up my mind, so I left two options for each role. Indicate which actor you guys think fits the role better in the comments below, and let’s see who the movie studios decide on!

1. Joe Exotic: David Spade or Owen Wilson

David Spade already made a splash as Joe Dirt, so why shouldn’t he get the chance to play Joe Exotic?? At the same time, I couldn’t help but see Owen Wilson in parts of Joe Exotic as I watched through the series. **Owen Wilson voice: me-wowwww*.

2. Carole Baskin: Kate McKinnon or Jacki Weaver

Carole Baskin reminded me of what Hilary Clinton might be like if she had experimented with psychedelics in college. So, naturally, I elected Kate McKinnon (who famously parodies Clinton on SNL) as one of the movie’s potential Carole’s. That said, Jacki Weaver emanates that perfect mix of endearing and psychotic, and plus she’s already had experience as the matriarch of an animal kingdom…If you didn’t catch the reference, I’m talking about Weaver’s 2010 film Animal Kingdom where she plays a crime lord.

3. John Finlay: Shia LaBeouf or Channing Tatum

Total opposite looking guys, but hear me out. If you shave both their heads and knock out half their teeth, the chances of LaBeouf and Tatum looking identical is pretty above average. Additionally, we’re used to seeing both men play in more sensitive, vulnerable roles lately, which segues perfectly to a straight man turned gay by crack and tigers.

4. Doc Antle: Will Ferrell or Matt Damon

For me, Will Ferrell and Matt Damon are a tough tie for the role of Doc Antle. Who else can pull off a performance that’s completely maniacal with a perfect, unchanged baby face?

5. John Reinke: Matthew McConaughey or Edward Norton

The shady, anonymous presence of the Joe Exotic Zoo Manager John Reinke screams the names of two actors to me specifically: Matthew McConaughey or Edward Norton. On one hand, you have Matthew McConaughey who breathed life into a very similar-acting character in 2013’s Dallas Buyers Club, and then Edward Norton, who for me disappears and yet suggests hidden layers in every role he takes on. And they both have just the right nose for the part … who do you guys think is the tiebreaker?

6. Jeff Lowe: Sean Penn or Patrick Dempsey

In the documentary, I couldn’t tell if the filmmakers were trying to depict Jeff Lowe as the bad guy you’re supposed to root against or the sly operator you’re siding with. Sean Penn evokes more of the villain side, while Patrick Dempsey delivers that exciting ambience of sex appeal. Now that I think about it, both men might actually be too sexy to play Jeff Lowe.

7. James Garretson: Haley Joel Osment

… does competition even exist for this casting choice?!

8. Erik Cowie: Brad Pitt Or Aaron Eckhart

The real question is who does long, shaggy blonde hair look better on? We’re used to it with Brad Pitt, but Aaron Eckhart certainly looked the part when he played George in Erin Brockovich.

9. Kelci Saffery: Q’orianka Kilcher or Awkwafina

Kelci was one of the more redeeming characters on the Tiger King Netflix series. Therefore I could see movie studios taking a more nuanced approach with casting and selecting somebody like Q’orianka Kilcher who has great dramatic acting chops. They could also surprise us by going with someone like Awkwafina who is more of a parody of Kelci and overall would give a bigger, comical performance.

10. Rick Kirkham: J.K. Simmons or Denis O’Hare

And now, I saved the best for last … throughout the Netflix series, Kirkham was the voice of reason that never really influenced anything. J.K. Simmons could easily blend with this role because of his stern disposition and bald head, but I also can’t shake the image of Denis O’Hare during American Horror Story Season 1 where he pretty much mirrored this exact character.

Do you think these casting choices were spot on? Far off? Vote for who you believe is the right choice for each role in the comments below! Currently there is rumored to be both a narrative movie and TV spin-off happening. Who knows! Maybe all of these actors will have their shot at bringing these characters to life.

Who do you think should be cast? Vote in our poll below!

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