Orange Is The New Black‘s Amanda Fuller On Social Media’s Impact

Quarantine With The Stars: Amanda Fuller speakers on directing and The Impact of Words on Social Media

Written by: Bryant Santos, April 1st 2020, 11:03am pst

Amanda Fuller is an esteemed actress with a lengthy career beginning during her childhood. She’s had accomplished roles in Netflix hits like Orange Is The New Black, and while she recently gave birth and became a new mom herself, she currently plays a still-pregnant Kristin Baxter on FOX’s Last Man Standing. Now, she’s set to make her directorial debut on network TV directing an upcoming episode of the show, and she sat down to chat with me all about it.

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Amanda mentioned that she’s been in the director’s chair for former projects, but none of them as grand in scale as her upcoming work on Last Man Standing. When I asked about how it was directing a show that she also acts in, she had this to say about the experience.

“Well it’s different for Last Man Standing, than it would be for any sort of, single-camera, one-hour drama, or one-hour series, or film, because we’re a sitcom. So, we’re kind of a dying breed in the sense that we shoot in front of a live audience. We have four cameras on us at all times”, she shared.

Amanda continued to discuss how pulling double duty in acting and directing is not only different for a sitcom, but it is also probably a lot easier.

“It makes it easier, I would say, for a director who’s also acting in the show because you can pre-tape your scenes, so that you have them in the can, so to speak. And then anything that you do in front of a live audience is like icing on the cake. So for us, I was in two scenes of that episode. They wrote me light, just to make it a little bit easier on me, and we pre-shot stuff, but then I did a couple scenes in the audience too. And I literally felt like I was doing theater again when I was a little girl”, she said.

After talking about Last Man Standing, I asked Amanda her thoughts on the negativity she received about not only her former OITNB character, but also just in general from the perspective of someone in the public eye. Amanda discussed how she would receive hate mail and derogatory comments on social media because of the characters she would portray on television.

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“I mean people can be really ruthless. It’s just, we’re making light of it right now, because we have to. Right?  But it’s actually, I think, a really big problem with the internet and with social media and bullying. People think that they can just say whatever they want and there’s no consequences,” she stated.

Thankfully, Amanda has found a way to rise above the negativity and she attributes a lot of that to her strong support system that keeps her grounded. Amanda also mentioned how she noticed that our current state of quarantine has enacted a “come together unity feeling” that she hopes will help people to understand the power of their words online.

credit: Amanda Fuller Instagram

If you want to thank Amanda for the positive message that she is spreading about the dangers of online bullying, you can use social media for good and follow her on Instagram @akaamandafuller and Twitter @amandafuller27. You also won’t want to be the last one to catch Amanda on Last Man Standing, when it airs every Thursday on FOX. You also can’t miss Amanda’s directorial debut on the show on the April 9th episode coming up soon.

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