Talks Falling For Soaps and Farting in Bikinis

Written by: Bryant Santos, March 26th 2020, 4:57pm pst

If you want to talk about an actor who has done amazing work on both Daytime and Primetime television, you have to talk about Alyshia Ochse. Alyshia has had extra-dramatic soapy roles in Days of Our Lives and General Hospital as well as primetime spots in shows like True Detective, The Purge, and Life Sentence.

Even with all of these exciting on-camera projects, Alyshia still had time to write a book, start a podcast, and launch a successful website. Check out some fun moments from our interview for AfterBuzz TV’s Quarantine With The Stars series.

credit: Alyshia Ochse (@alyshiaochse) on Instagram

I started by asking Alyshia if it was different acting for soaps as opposed to primetime dramas and she was more than happy to share her thoughts.

“I think a lot of people, myself included, before I was on a soap, maybe didn’t give a lot of credit to those actors. I’m just like, what? That’s just not working for me. On soaps, on daytime, you get one take, you’re usually saying the same things over and over again and you have to go straight through.”

She also mentioned that on her recent stint with Days Of Our Lives after ten years away, she shot three episodes with over 80 pages of lines all in one take, ON HER FIRST DAY ON SET.

She went on to share that primetime acting is very different because you can get up to nine or ten takes that eventually get edited, so Alyshia made sure to give props to Daytime actors who are essentially going through “acting boot camp”.

She also shared a tip that she learned for Daytime actors out there who want to make sure they get the perfect take. “Here’s a tip. When I first started working in soaps, somebody told me, if you do not like the take–’cause they’ll take it, even if you don’t say the words right, even if you mumble them–they told me…fall onto a set piece.  Like, break a set piece so they have to give you another take.” I thought this was such a funny tip, I couldn’t help but laugh!

credit: Alyshia Ochse (@alyshiaochse) on Instagram

After we talked about falling for soaps, I wanted to know more about her other endeavors like her book, Life Letters, and her podcast, and she was happy to share that work with me.

She mentioned that her podcast That One Audition was born from a hilarious story of when she farted in a bikini, not once, but TWICE, during an audition. She now uses this podcast to share hilarious and helpful audition stories for actors, performers and everyone else to enjoy.

credit: Alyshia Ochse (@alyshiaochse) on Instagram

If you want to watch, read, listen to, or learn more about Alyshia, check out her website https://alyshiaochse.com and follow her on social media @alyshiaochse. You can also catch her in upcoming episodes of Days of Our Lives as well as on Quibi’s interactive new series #Freerayshawn.

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