War Of The Worlds 2: What Could Have Been?

Written by: Benny Adams – March 26th 2020, 3:33pm pst

There’s a rumor going around that War Of The Worlds 2 was almost a completely different season.

credit: MTV

This is all according to a post on reddit, so nothing is 100 percent confirmed. According to the post the theme was actually supposed to be Old Vs. New.

Some of the casts that had the potential of gracing us on our TV screens were OG champs Kendal Sheppard,

credit: MTV

Alton Williams II,

credit: MTV

and Tori Hall.

credit: MTV

This wouldn’t have been the first time The Challenge gave us an old school vs new school vibe.

Back in 2008 The Challenge graced us with The Gauntlet III which featured veterans of The Challenge going against the rookies.

It’s not known why the theme was changed, but we still got some amazing moments from War Of The Worlds 2.

Here’s hoping we’ll see Tori, Alton, and Kendal, along with some other OG faves competing on a challenge very soon.

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